Thursday, October 12, 2017

3.5 - Getting sick of these apples

Another day, another unpleasant wake-up call.

This time it is Falstad who wants food, attention or a fresh diaper while his parents would rather sleep. And of course it doesn't take long until his brother wakes up too. Life's hard.

To make it even worse the cats also join in on the crying. Nele is finally pregnant and she'd love some rest now, but it doesn't look like this household will have a quiet minute anytime soon.

"What does my big boy want, hmm?", Celestine cooes with a sleepy voice. She tries to smile at her son but she'd much rather sleep for another hour if she were honest... 

It seems like parenting comes much easier to Mauricio. The boys love him and he has the patience of a saint, no matter how often they throw a tantrum, fight, or refuse to share their toys with each other.

Which unfortunately happens just about every day... Muradin and Falstad don't go easy on their parents. They scream and fight so often that Celestine is starting to get worried when she doesn't hear anything from them.

Being a single child who was raised by another single child, Celestine doesn't really understand sibling rivalry. But it looks like she will have to get used to it very soon...

Sometimes when she watches Mauricio being so natural with the kids she wonders what she would have done without him, what if she had to raise the kids on her own, like her mother had to?

It would be a disaster, that's for sure.

Celestine's stomach growls again. She is so stressed out lately that she sometimes forgets to eat between changing diapers and warming up milk bottles. There's just no denying it: she's not the ideal stay-at-home-mom.

"Hey, Mauricio, I wanted to talk to you about -", she begins when she walks into the bedroom but Mauricio's laugh interrupts her.

He nods at the apple in her hand and laughs. "Didn't you say you had enough of apples?"

Celestine stops and looks at her hand. For real, she's holding an apple."Eh?" She couldn't remember picking it up. "I... must have picked it up without noticing. Lack of sleep, I guess...", she mumbles confused.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. What did you want to talk to me about?", Mauricio asks.

"Ah, yes. Remember when you asked me if I wanted to start working again? You offered to stay at home and look after the boys. I've been thinking about it and if that offer still stands..."

Mauricio smiles at her. "You know this is no problem for me. Go and get out a bit, I can handle these rascals", he adds with a wink.

And so it is done. Celestine picks up her work again while Maurico stays at home and becomes the fulltime dad.


A few days later Nele's first litter, the Koyangi's I litter, is born at night. It is one female and one male kitten, named Ina and Igo.

Unfortunately it is quickly decided that the kittens will be adopted out when they are old enough. Both of them inherited the stubby tail from an earlier generation, which is a trait that they were trying to breed out ever since it first showed up. 

That also means it won't be Nele's last litter, but for now the fresh mom is too tired to think about more babies.

Either way, Mauricio is looking forward to seeing the kittens grow up. Unlike Celestine he has never raised cats from birth before, so that is a very new and exciting experience for him!

Just like his own human litter! Celestine comes home late from work and sees Mauricio fast asleep on the couch with Muradin on his chest. 

She looks lovingly at them, not saying a word to not wake them up. 
You look so much alike, she thinks. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree oh plumbob I should stop thinking about apples. I pray that I never have to lose you.

It's been a hard day at work for her. She wanted to tell Mauricio about it, but seeing him with their son made her reconsider. 
Please, promise me I never have to lose you.

The twins are identical! In fact there are my first identical twins ever since I discovered the option in Woohooer(?), I believe I have it set to 20% or so.
They have Mauricio's blue eyes which is nice. And his hair. And his nose. Honestly, I'm not too sure if they got anything from their mom haha
And I barely play the burrito stage (3 days) so they're already big babies here.

Disclaimer: any similarities to other legacies are pure coincidence :P


  1. Kittens and babies and kittens!

    I love that they worked things out so someone is always at home with the kids, that's great! And for some reason it makes more sense to me that she keeps her job (she seems really interested in it too so it's fun & engaging to her) and that he's a stay at home dad. It just fits their personalities. The last picture with the kidlet and Maurico sleeping is ADORBS.

    1. They're all cute!
      Technically Mauricio is unemployed anyway, since he's an adventurer and therefor only earning money "off-screen"... So yeah, it makes sense!

  2. Lol. Way too many apples. ;) I love how natural you made using her witchiness seem. Gotta love those coincidences. XD

    That pic where Mauricio is emptying the potty...<3 He makes a good stay at home dad, so I'm glad they found an arrangement that works for them.

    1. It's all just weird coincidences, poor Celestine doesn't even know about her witchiness yet :(
      Haha sims are always so dramatic when emptying the potty! Even though cleaning up actually makes him happy because he has the neat trait...

  3. Wow, those boys are mean to each other! Them being kids it will probably continue for a while.

    Oooh, Celestine is a witch? Wonder how long it will take for her to realize it. And Mauricio is a great father! Glad he doesn't have any hang ups about being a stay-at-home dad

    1. Yeah, they are :(
      I planned from the beginning to make her a supernatural of some kind, and now I finally gave her the potion! It might take some time before she realizes...

  4. !!! Celestine's a witch?? So that mysterious voice led to an interesting development, it seems.

    I hadn't considered how difficult it would be for Celestine to understand sibling dynamics. I'm glad Mauricio is there. He seems like such an awesome, cuddly dad. <3

    The fact that Mauricio thinks of his sons as a litter is hilarious. XD