I upload my sims as YA so they won't appear here before they reach adulthood, but if you want a younger sim from my legacy just leave me a comment.

If you can't find the CC used for some sims... then I can't guarantee you I can help you because I'm terrible at keeping my stuff organized, but feel free to ask anyway and I'll try my best!

The folder contains a .sim and a sims3pack file. You only need to install one!

Also please let me know if I messed up something.


Lena Koyangi

CC: Sailor Jerry Tattoo Set by analect and a bunch of facial piercings that I can't find right now (but I believe they were on MTS too).

Felicia Koyangi 

CC: You can find Feli's hairstyle here (by FashionTwist).


Now I won't put ALL the cats up for download here because that would just be crazy (the first generation alone has 12 cats!) and a lot of them look very much alike anyway, but you can find my real-life founder cats and a couple of other noticable ones here!


coming soon


coming soon


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