Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2.0 - Generation 1 Review and future plans

In this update I want to wrap up generation one, brabble a bit about my thoughts on it, and show some stuff that didn't make it into the blog.

I'm not really a legacy player, the furthest I ever got was to the 4th generation. But I really love the RLC idea, so I decided to give it a try and start a blog for accountability.

Now that I successfully ended generation one, let's have a look at the heir, Feli:

Lifetime Wish: Cat Herder

My real life cats Amy & Katerchen

I had no real plans going into this legacy, I just spontaneously decided to add my two babies when I created my founder in CAS. Unfortunately there's something I hadn't considered when I did this: there is no way I could possibly let them die in game! That's the bad side of creating sims after real life pets/people...

Immortal love ♥

So instead I use the "Young Again" lifetime reward for 20,000 lifetime happiness points each time they become old, keeping them alive for the entire legacy. Yep, that's right, I plan to keep these two throughout all 10 generations.

Gaining this much lifetime happiness in time can become hard once big wishes like "max hunting skill" are already fulfilled, so that gives me an additional objective and makes it a true challenge.

Valla vs. Gumi

During Feli's toddler years, Lena adopted a spotted male cat which was named Gumi by little Feli. Unfortunately, right after that the game crashed for the first and only time in this legacy and Gumi was gone forever :( Some time later though a very similar looking female kitten showed up - Valla!

This also meant that Bharu (male) would be the one to reproduce, and not Ava (female) as planned originally.

above: Gumi (death by game crash)
below: little Valla talking to Bharu

Kenji and the invisibility glitch

I rolled Single Parent for this generation, so my original plan was to find a decent looking townie, get Lena pregnant, and then make up a story where the father disappears because he couldn't take the responsibility for a child.

Well, my game decided to take this literally and made Kenji disappear on their first romantic interaction. Mini-Spoiler: The same thing happens in Generation 2... But this time I managed to fix it and the invisible sim Feli is holding awkwardly in the picture below re-appeared!

my game's favourite bug


Here are some pictures that didn't make it into the blog.

The first one is a special one because I found it soo touching (it totally looks like Amy is rescuing her son from the car, right?!) but I couldn't figure out how to include it. They were actually just cuddling on the street while a car passed by but I thought it looked so dramatic!

Heroic mom saves son from car accident

I don't think you'll get clean in there, Feli.

We have plenty of cat beds but one cat decided to sleep outside in winter and this happened. Which cat? Yes, this cat.

Someone tied balloons to this dog's back and now it's flying away! Not really but it looks cute

I thought this drawing was oddly appropriate. Two girls, one of them with glasses (Lena), a skull (ghost hunter), and... well, let's pretend that's suposed to be a cat on a leash!

Random stray doggo showed up in our house. I wanted to adopt but he was bugged/could not be interacted with

What to expect in Generation 2

Now, to be super honest, I'm not very happy about my generation 2 rolls. It's not something I would typically play or write about. But that's kind of the challenging part of the challenge, right?

Anyway, I went into this legacy without any plans, stories, or character, so it ended up being more of a "look what's happening in my game"-thing rather than an actual story.

It's really fun though, so I want to slowly transition into proper storytelling during the next generations, so here's what I'll be trying to do in gen 2:

  • aiming for 12-15 chapters this time
  • more storytelling/detail towards the end
  • focus will be more on the next heir as soon as they're born, not on Feli
  • a short lesson in Korean
  • cats, lots of them (I mean it)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1.10 - All grown up

Winter is here and Feli still follows her usual day routine: caring for the cats, hanging out with friends, and of course playing pranks to anyone who annoys her (read: anyone who disagreed with her once).

Uhh, this bag she's about to put on fire looks very much like the cat litter bag she just used.... Just what has this neighbour done to deserve this.. 

Sometimes she's caught and will be grounded by her mom, but that's okay. You can be mischievous at home too!

But it wouldn't do her justice to just paint her as a bad person. She's very social and loves to hang out with her friends.

Remember Taziano being bald as a kid? He grew his hair back and looks pretty attractive for the result of EA townies' marriage now!

In the house right next to the Koyangis lives a chubby, kind-hearted single guy who has expressed an interest in the most recent litter. That means Celine, Clone, and Cassie are now promised into a good home as soon as they grow up!

Christmas nears. Feli hosts a little gift giving party, inviting all the Shepherd siblings including Taziano, her friend Lutz Hennessey from the last update, and some others. Two of her favourite activities in one: hanging out with friends and getting free stuff!

Feli tries to go in for a kiss under the mistletoe but, uh...

Yeah ok, that was a little embarassing. I'm genuinely surprised (and proud) that Lutz didn't get a slap in the face after rejecting her. Seems like the spirit of snowflake day can calm even the biggest diva.

I wanted to show you Taziano's almost grown up sisters too: oldest sibling Elea (YA) and the youngest, Blanca (teen, pulling silly face here but she's as pretty as the rest of the family).

I do hope they keep reproducing, gotta keep that family in mind for genetic donations in future generations.

Alright, time for the really important part of the evening: the gift opening!

Feli has a lot of fun opening all the cool stuff for her. Books about cats, a red kitty sweater because she's growing out of her old clothes and more...

Ava seems to be expecting something too. Maybe some extra treats or a new catnip toy?

But Feli's favourite gift comes from her mom Lena: a brandnew girly-pink keyboard!

"Maybe you'll find fun in something other than making trouble..." Lena mumbles more to herself than to her daughter as she watches her face lightening up upon seeing the expensive gift.

She tries it out on the same evening, door closed to not annoy the cats too much with the noise but it's really hard with no experience or any musical know-how. Maybe she should take some lessons...

The day after snowflake day Feli celebrates her birthday. Normally that would have called for a big party, but she just had one yesterday and her guests had already congratulated her in advance and brought gifts for both snowflake and birthday.

So she just celebrates with her mom and her cats instead! 
Lena insists on giving her at least a small gift even though Feli just got a very expensive one yesterday - so this time it is just an umbrella. But that's cool too, Feli hates rain and spring is about to arrive.

As if the weather gods knew about Feli's birthday gift, it's starting to rain on this day and the snow melts away.

The trio of Celine, Clone, and Cassie is adopted out to the friendly neighbour next door. I'm sure we will still see them around often.

And that's how the family looks now at the end of generation one. 

But man, where did Feli get those muscles from?! Look at her broad shoulders, especially compared to her mom!! She never did any muscle workout, just some cardio and jogging during her early teenage times!
Cats currently in the household, from left to right: Katerchen (back), Cami (front), Ava (back, sleeping), Valla, Amy, Bharu's butt.


I don't know if it's the Diva trait or just hilariously bad luck but for some reason Feli's flirts and hugs constantly get rejected by everyone, despite having so many friends! Or maybe the game just knows my rolls...

If you want to you can guess Feli's traits and lifetime wish in the comments, since they will be revealed in the next update. Oh, and the generation rolls if you want to!

The next update will just be a short review on this generation with outtakes and background blabla, what didn't make it into the blog, and what to expect for the next generation, so it'll be outside of the actual "story".

Thursday, March 16, 2017

1.9 - Troublesome teenage

Ah, beautiful fall season! Valla's kittens are playing outside in the rain.

With 9 cats in the house now, Lena and Feli decided decided to build a little kitten nursery outside their house with a little cat garden attached to it. This is especially useful when the family has guests over, so the cats won't stand in the way all the time.

All the cats are happy and cared for and the kittens are growing up well. Absolutely nothing interesting or worrisome is happening in the Koyangi household this night.

Little Cami and Celine (or is it Clone? They look the same...) being cute. 

Uh, wait... where's Feli?

At school? But Feli hates school, why would she go there at this time?

I already said it in the last update, Feli has a true pokerface, always looking like she couldn't care less about the world around her. 
I know what she's planning though - she has been lazy as always had no time to learn for the upcoming tests and is about to silently sneak into the teacher's office like a cat and have a quick look at the test answers.

Too bad that one of the teachers, Mr. Martingale, stayed longer this day and saw her attempt to sneak in.  

Oh, I'm getting arrested. Whatever.
Even the cop is annoyed by so much "I don't give a damn" attitude.

(It's really hard to take screenshots of dark skinned sims at night btw...)
On her way home Feli sits in the backseat of a police car, which is so much more comfortable than going by bike. That's a plus at least.
Lena sees the red and blue lights through the window and runs out of the house. 
The backseat of a police car is definitely not the kind of place you want to see your child in.

"FELICIA! What the..."

After the police officer quickly explained what happened, Lena turns to her daughter.
"You tried to do WHAT? Who do you think you are that you don't have to learn like every other student? Who taught you that it's okay to break into a place you shouldn't be at? You're going to become a criminal or what?!"

"Jeez, mom... Calm down, it's nothing..."
"You're grounded, young lady. Don't you even try to leave the house for anything other than school for the next two weeks!"

But you're only grounded for as long as your parents are watching, so the next day Feli goes into the bathroom where her mom can't hear her and asks her friend Lutz to meet her at the Salon & Tattoo Parlor.

Little "sims logic" anecdote: When I invited him over to the lot, Lutz said that he couldn't come because he had something else to do. So I sent Feli alone there instead, and guess who she met there? Yup, Lutz. 
"Sorry, can't come to the salon today, I wanted to go to the salon instead" makes sense...

Feli leans over to him to whisper why she actually wanted to come here. Not only does she need new clothes for prom, but she also wanted to ask a little favor of the tattoo artist who works here. Lutz looks sceptical. 

Leaving her cowardly friend behind, Feli goes downstairs trying to look like an adult. Excited and full of confidence she approaches the tattoo artist with her wish: a belly piercing and maybe a tattoo of some cat paws on her hips and waist, depending on the price?

The guy is probably around ten years older than Feli and his own tattoos seem to be lacking in quality and creativity to be honest, but Feli doesn't care about that.
 "Uh-huh, alright. I don't have any other customers right now so we can do it right now if you're cool with that. I just need your ID card to confirm your age and then I'd like you to sign that paper..."

Hmph. She wished he hadn't asked.
"Oh nooo, I must have forgotten it at home... I swear I'm already 18 though! Lets just do it now if you have time anyway and I can bring my ID card on another day, yes?", Feli says with puppy eyes and a charming smile. 

But tattoo guy isn't convinced that easily. Feli is not the first and surely not the last minor to come to him with this excuse. 
"No, I can't do that. I need your ID card before I can do anything for legal reasons. Come back when you have it."

SLAP. Solving conflicts the Feli way.
"So you suggest I'm lying about my age?! I would NEVER do that! That's SO rude, I will find a different studio and tell all my friends to never come here!"

Now that was a reaction tattoo guy hasn't seen from a customer yet! "Woah, what the hell?", he says, unsure about how to deal with that angry teenager, "Yeah, if your friends behave like you do then I'd be overjoyed to never see them in my studio! Man, kids these days..."

Still angry, Feli stomps away like a 4 year old that didn't get her candy. 
"Tsk, I can do it myself anyway!"

And so she does. Without the tattoo but with a DIY belly piercing she shows up a few weeks later at her school's prom. 

She's quite the beauty, honestly. That is, when she is not being a diva and slapping people in their faces. 

It looks like between start and end of the prom, winter has begun in Appaloosa plains. That bellyfree outfit might not be appropriate for the season, but showing off your new piercing is much more important than staying warm, eh?


I will put up a new page with the download links for Lena, Feli, and a few of the cats with the next update this saturday or sunday because I was asked last time :-)

In real life I actually did forget my ID card once when I went to get a piercing, and I also asked if I could just bring it on another day (though unlike Feli I was already 20 back then). I got the same answer as Feli did in this update and had to come back another day, wasting a few hours of my day and the money on the train ticket. :(
And, again just like Feli, I also did a few of my piercings on my own at home (belly and ears). But that's where the similarities end, I don't slap people in the face or get in trouble with law, I promise!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Now look at that! The tiniest cat has grown up to become bigger than Bharu! She's not fat though, it's all about the fluff.

As it usually happens when you don't spay or neuter your cat, she became pregnant soon after reaching maturity.

While Valla is putting on some pounds, Feli is busy getting rid of hers. 

On her way back from the gym she encounters a raccoon. Feli is sure she can pet that little guy. After all, racoons are just cats with a funny bandit mask, right? And she has plenty of experience with cats!

Ouch! Lesson learned. 'Coons ain't cats.

You're a true gentleman, Katerchen, eh? Letting your pregnant and exhausted daughter-in-law sleep on the floor while claming the cat bed for yourself...

What a big round belly though!

The same afternoon: Feli goes out to eat at the bistro with Dereck, the chubby boy she was already friends with in elementary school. Judging by the look on her face she's not really looking forward to the night though...

Dereck goes ahead and orders food that could easily fill up the two of them all for himself. You can tell where he got his additional pounds from, and it's not bad genetics!

"And you are going to eat all of this by yourself? Ugh, it's people like you who motivate me to work out..."

Wait, what? Dereck needs a second to process what he has heard. But Feli doesn't stop there: "You know, you kinda look like the Before pictures in fitness magazines, haha!"

Dereck is used to being made fun of but he didn't expect to hear this from his friend! Or should he have? Feli sure isn't known to be afraid of speaking her mind...

That's when Dereck gets upset. "And YOU should take a class in decent manners rather than cardio! I already get enough shit from the guys at school, I don't need these kind of comments from someone I call friend!"

Oof. That was Dereck's vulnerable point. Maybe Feli should try to think before she speaks in the future.

I can't tell if she is sad here or really doesn't care. Somehow teenage Feli has a constant "eh, whatever." face.

Yeah, I think she's a little sad. She might have been rude but she doesn't have a heart of stone, does she?

The same night at around 2.30 AM mother and daughter wake up to strange noises from the dining room. 

And guess what they saw: Valla had her kittens!

At this point the Koyangi household had 5 cats: Amy and Katerchen, Ava, Bharu and Valla.
My jaw dropped a little when I saw that Valla had an unusually large litter for sims standards. Yup, we now have nine cats total!

One male, three female. Say hello to Cassie, Celine, Clone, and Cami (from left to right in the picture above)!

There's something odd about the kittens though, and I don't know if Valla fell victim to a glitch or if it's supposed to be like that: 3 of the 4 kittens have the exact same fur pattern and body. In fact, Celine and Clone are 100% identical, and Cassie only differs in her head shape.
Cami is the only one who looks entirely unique.

Glitch or not - Valla is a proud mom now!

Lena and Feli stay up this night and take care of everything. Making sure all the kittens came out of mom's belly, filling the food bowls, etc. Nine cats. That's just a little bit crazy!

Ava is a little bit sad that she's not the one to have kittens. Spoiler: she won't have any before aging up, even though it was planned originally.

This is what neighbours see when they look through the large windows in the dining room from the outside. A perfectly normal scene.

Lena explains to Feli that she will have to help her taking care of the cats, since nine cats with four of them being so young is a bit too much to handle for Lena alone. 
I don't think Feli has a problem with that though. The cats helped raising her when she was a baby, and now she will help raising the cats.

Who's a fabulous little kitty? Oh yes, Cami is!


In case you were wondering, the title is a reference to the infamous Onyxia wipe video, where the raid leader of a WoW guild gets really, really mad during a boss encounter and screams, among other things, "MANY WHELPS! NOW, HANDLE IT!"
This voice conversation from 2006 became somewhat of a meme in the WoW community and outside of it.

 Linked for the curious, but seriously don't click it unless you don't mind loud and nasty language with some NSFW illustrations (whelps at around 2:50)

Oh, and make sure to check out the new litters page I added with this update!