Saturday, January 28, 2017

1.1 Introduction - Meet the founder(s)!

We dive into the life of Lena Koyangi, an aspiring Ghost Hunter, and her two cats Amy (orange tabby) and Katerchen (black/white), who are residing in Appaloosa Plains in a small house next to the town's famous cat park.
These are the two little rascals who are based on my real life cats:

And this is Lena, this legacy's founder:

Lena has a bubbly and somewhat careless personality. She pursued the rather unusual career of ghost hunting, because according to her this job is just SO MUCH COOLER than a standard office job. Besides, it is one of the few careers that actually work well with her sleep schedule - the dead only come out at night!

This means she usually sleeps during the day, or at least she tries to, which is sometimes easier said than done with two cats who need a lot of attention.

"Uh... human? Hey, wake up human! I have something important to tell you! I... I think I am expecting babies. Hey, do you understand what I'm saying? I'm pregnant! 
Anyway, give me food now."

Confused by what Amy could possibly want from her at the ungodly hour of 10 AM, Lena shooes her cat away and locks the door to get a few more hours of sleep, so Amy decides to visit the nearby cat park with her furry companion instead. 

So, how exactly does a social personality like Lena get to know people when she's new in the town, works alone, and mostly sleeps during the day? 

She tries it online - and finds Kenji Midden, who happens to live not far away from her. Rule #1 of meeting online acquaintances: always meet in a public place.

Wow, their styles are really similar! Lets hope this will grow into a long and close friendship.

Back home Lena bathes Amy, who caught some fleas when she was outside in the park. Side note: If anyone ever tried that with real life Amy, they'd be a dead person.

"Man, you really put on some weight recently! Have you begged our neighbour for treats again, Amy?"
"Excuse me? I told you I'm pregnant! These are kittens in my stomach, not treats!"
"Aww, I might have to put you on diet if you continue like this!", Lena smirks at her round furball. 
"Don't you dare! Ugh, how could she not have noticed by now! Humans...."

Not understand anything of Amy's inner monologue, Lena leaves for work again.

You can tell the house is haunted by the green hue. Oooh, spooky!
Meanwhile at home, in the middle of the night...

The babies were born!
They are two female and one male kitten. Ava with the brightly colored face and black/orange tail (scratching), Anduin who has a very different head and body shape and shorter fur (facing forward), and Amanda, who is being groomed by her caring dad in the picture.

All three of them inherited their mom's amber eyes! 
As for their personality, Amanda comes after her dad (piggy/skittish), Ava is a very well behaved dream kitty (neat/non-destructive) and Anduin is neat and playful.

This is what Lena came home to after work... 

Parenting is SO exhausting! 
Sometimes Lena is wondering why she even bothers spending her hard earned cash on cozy sleeping places for her cats when they end up falling asleep on the kitchen counter anyway.
And speaking of spending cash on cat stuff, I think it's time to stock up on food and litter boxes now!


    sorry, please don't be scared off by my cat love xD

    It's nice to have new faces around and new blogs to read ^-^ I want to know how Lena copes with so many cats

  2. Ahaha, poor Amy--why won't Lena just listen to her?? XD

    Ghosthunter is such a fun career. I've been desperately waiting to roll it for my own legacy. Anyway, looking forward to your legacy! :D

  3. Cute cats! Welcome to the fun that is sims blogging.

    Heh, I remember Kenji from his brief appearance in another legacy.

  4. I love how you included the cats! Lol

    Kenji looks promising! Glad Lena is smart about meeting peole online.