Monday, January 30, 2017

1.2 Scaredy-cat

Katerchen has the look of pure horror on his face. What could possibly scare him so much?

A) fire
B) a burglar
C) a stranger cat
D) the vacuum cleaner

If your guess was B) a burglar, then congrats, you are correct! Ava is guarding the door when a masked woman sneaks inside. 

She must have heard of Lena's reputation as the new crazy cat lady in town, since she only took the expensive cat house and left.

Unfortunately Lena was at work that night and couldn't intervene or call the police. After all, someone has to pay for the cat food and vet bills.

It turned out she has quite a talent for ghost hunting and quickly became good at it.

The most important thing other than not being afraid of ghosts is to understand them. Most ghosts are not aggressive but they are often worried and disturbed by their own undead presence. The best way to deal with them is usually to simply listen to what they have to say and convince them that there is nothing left to worry about for them and that they can go and rest in peace now. A good ghost hunter is basically a paranormal psychologist.

In other cases however, ghosts can become irreversibly mad after years or even centuries of roaming restlessly between the realms of life and death. In this sad state ghosts are hostile towards everyone and that's where the banshee banisher comes into play. Though they will try to resist, it is for their own good in the end.

Back home Lena sees what happened during her absence. 

"Oh no! I'm so sorry I wasn't here, you must have been so scared! It won't happen again, I promise. I'm just glad none of you was hurt!" All cats get some extra treats for braveness this morning. 

The babies are all grown up now by the way. Here are their pictures as adult cats:

Now that they are old enough to live without their mom's care, Lena is thinking about adopting one of them out to her best friend Kenji to make room for future litters, since he mentioned that he might be interested in becoming a cat dad. 

BFF picture of Lena and Kenji: 

Yeah, Kenji has to sit on the floor because the seat next to Lena was already taken. It's pretty obvious who the boss is in this household!

After their gaming session Kenji spends some time with the cats and immediately shows interest in Anduin, the only boy in the litter. 

"He's very well behaved. You won't have any problems with him!"
"No need to convince me, he's already mine!", smiles Kenji while Lena prepares the transport box. Bye Anduin!

Lena decides to treat herself and gets a new tattoo. 

It's a large backpiece of a cat. What else did you expect, really? Its posture reminds me of someone... 

In the meantime, Amy enjoys her solitude in the cat park. It has been a fairly uneventful week aside from the burglary, but it won't last for much longer. 

Amy knows. She can smell it. Lena doesn't. Human noses are just so useless! Anyway, she will have to notice it soon. 

But wait, what is this? Scaredy-cat Katerchen looks terrified once again! So what's the problem this time?  


  1. Aww, bye kitty :c

    The cats look cute when they're scared, is that just me being odd? Most likely.

    So... Is Lena ever going to be more than just friends with Kenji? Nudge nudge wink wink

    1. Regarding Kenji... aaah, let's just say the game and I had different plans. I'll clear that up in the next update lol

  2. I also think the cats look cute when they're scared. <3

    Kenji's cute--good material for a genetic donation, eh?

    1. Haha, you guys are so fast with shipping =D I agree, good genetic material. Not sure if he agrees though.

  3. Do you like the ghosthunter career? I've never played with it too much.

    The kittens came out as a good mix of their parents. Glad Anduin went to a good home!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty fun in the beginning, haven't played it before either! But as with all professions it can get a little boring after a while. The uniform is wicked cool though.