Friday, May 26, 2017

2.6 - Hibernate

Life is getting more serious for Celestine, as she is now old enough to attend school. Maybe this is why she seems a little down lately. The times when she developed much faster than other kids her age, both physically and mentally, are over.

Celestine leans against her mom's waist.
"I'm so tired, mom..."
"You are always tired these days. What's the matter, do you feel sick? Is everything okay in school?"
"I'll just take a nap, ok? ..."

"You sleep more than our cats!", Feli says while pushing her daughter gently towards her bed. "Are you sure everything is alright? Let me feel your forehead."

"I just hope you're not getting sick! I will make a doctor's appointment, okay?"
"No, mom, I'm fine. Just tired."

"I'll call the doctor."

Feli leaves the room, watching Celestine immediately fall asleep with her shoes still on. This has been going on for days now. Every day she comes home after school and sleeps for a few hours instead of playing outside.

Entei is cowering in the bathroom, having an existential crisis.

Was it really a good idea to hook up with that white cat?
Having kittens means having to share her food with even more cats.
Will there even be enough food for all of them?
Will she have to start hunting her own prey?

Her sisters Eevee and Espeon don't have these kind of problems since they were spayed and neutered. While Espeon enjoys her lazy time in the living room, Eevee is rarely at home these days. 
Feli was wondering where Eevee kept disappearing, until she decided to follow her one day.

Turns out the new neighbours are the family the Koyangis gave Cassie, Celine, and Clone to! The C-cats live there happily with two dogs and two elderly can openers and Eevee has found them - without even knowing that they are all siblings, because the C litter was adopted out before the E litter was born.

Or maybe they do know? 

Either way, Eevee is best friends with her older siblings and spends more time over there than at home. Maybe it would make sense to ask the neighbours if they want to adopt another cat... Because Eevee has clearly decided where she wants to live.

Feli and Celestine are in the doctor's office. 
"My daughter has been sleepy and just generally... lethargic lately. She says she is fine but I'm worried because she used to be such an active kid, full of energy!"

The doctor speaks directly to Celestine. "Do you feel sick or different in any other way? Do you eat less or is it hard for you to breathe or move?"
"No, I am fine. Just a little bit tired", Celestine replies.
Feli sighs. "This is the only answer I get all the time from her."

The doc asks a number of other questions, then tells Celestine to take off her sweater and sit down for some standard examinations.

"You can put your sweater on again now", he says after a few minutes and then turns to Feli, "Everything seems fine to me. Just make sure she maintains a healthy diet and engages in age appropriate physical activities."

Feli stands up from her chair. "Are you sure? But why is she so tired then?"
"Maybe she needs some time to adjust to her new school, or maybe it's just the weather. Many people feel a little lazy when the temperatures drop. Look, it began to snow while we were talking!"
"Brrr... I don't like snow!", Celestine mumbles behind them, shivering.

Feli's eyes narrow. "Did you just call my daughter lazy?!"
Celestine quickly drags her mother out of the doctor's office before any medical staff gets a slap in the face.

Good news! While Feli and Celestine were out of the house, Entei has given birth to two healthy male kittens: Fineas (skinny) and Ferb (fluffy)!

To Entei's relief, her fear that there might not be enough food for more cats turned out to be unfounded. It seems like humans have truly discovered an unlimited source of food.

Momma is very pleased with her first litter.

It's late in the evening for a first grader and Celestine has fallen asleep without changing into her pajama or at least taking off her shoes once again.

She turns the light on and rubs her eyes sleepily.  

Something feels strange. It wasn't exactly a nightmare... Her mom isn't in her room, and neither is any of the cats, but something, someone woke her up.

There's more.... but I didn't want the chapter to be too long.


  1. What's wrong with Celestine?? Does it have something to do with the ghosts?? I have to know, please. :D

    I love Feli being a good mom and taking care of her daughter. And I'm surprised she left WITHOUT slapping the doctor. XD Good for her.

    The cat family tree you posted on MTS is adorable, and it's so cute you included pics of you irl cats as the founders instead of their sim counterparts. :)

    1. My extra-long weekend isn't over yet, so hopefully you shouldn't have to wait too long (unless I also sleep all day).
      Feli is a good mom! She gained some self control, didn't she?

      They kept running over my keyboard when I worked on the family tree, so I figured they want to be included personally.

  2. Oh no, what's wrong with Celestine? I hope it's nothing serious...

    Props to Celestine for saving that doctor from a slap!

    The cats are adorable, as always!

    1. It'll be fine, no worries!
      Mini-spoiler: The next litter (G) is even more adorable!

  3. I love the picture of Entei where she's having an existential crisis. So cute!

    What could be going on with Celestine? It's just very strange. And who woke her up?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Entei was one of my favourites, she's really cute :-)
      Hmm... could it have something to do with the ghosts at the beginning of this generation? :P