Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2.7 - The Nightmare before Snowflake Day

Celestine feels like she isn't alone in the room.
Maybe there's a mischevious cat hiding under her bed that woke her up? No, nothing. There is no one here except for herself. 
But the feeling of being watched by someone is still there. 

She leaves her room, an invisible presence drawing her towards the tiny storage room where she normally isn't allowed, because Feli is worried that Celestine might break some of the worthless stuff in there.

Celestine presses her ear against the door, then tries to peek through the keyhole, but she neither hears nor sees a thing. 

She pushes the handle down very slowly and the door opens with a loud creeeek.
Celestine turns the lights on. 

Hm, no one there. No cat, no intruder, no phantastical monster, just a lot of random objects. Among them a weird machine with antennae on each side that rotates autonomously and a few boxes filled with... some kind of colorful gas?

"Woah... what is this?"

Celestine is intrigued by her discovery and quickly forgets the nervousness she felt before she entered the room.

She leans down to read the labels on one of the boxes. 

Name: Sorinoma*
Estimated age: 2000 years
Female druid in ancient celtic society

"Are these... real ghosts?", Celestine whispers in awe. She knew that her grandma was a ghost hunter, but she never really thought too much about it or asked any questions until now. 

Celestine is so focused that she doesn't even notice that the door screeching alarmed Feli, who is now standing in the doorframe behind her.

"Hey, what are you doing here?!", her mom's voice shouts from behind.
Celestine turns around, trying to quickly come up with a good excuse.

"I am so sorry, mom", she says with puppy eyes, "I couldn't sleep because I was so excited for Snowflake Day. I sneaked in here to try to find the gifts... I am sorry."

This sounds more believable and less worrying than "I felt an odd presence and decided to investigate it".

Feli smiles a little in relief and then puts her strict mom voice on: "Hmpf. You will clean the dishes after Snowflake dinner tomorrow!"
"Yes, mom. I am sorry."

"Mh, I should really clean up here. No idea what to do with all the stuff mom left behind...", Feli mutters to herself after her daughter left the room. "How do you recycle ghosts anyway?"

Celestine is too excited to sleep, so she goes outside to look through her telescope. Maybe she can that big special star that is supposed to be visible only during Snowflake night! 
Besides, she also needs some time to think about her new discovery. 

The next day.

"Feli, my old friend, long time no see!", Lutz shouts out and then turns to Celestine.

"And look who we got here, you grew up so much since I saw you last time, little lady! Mhh.. You know, you kinda resemble our old friend Taziano when we were little!"
"Ehhh.. what a funny coincidence!! HAHAHA.", Feli laughs awkwardly. 

"Yeah, don't you think so, Blanca?", Lutz asks Taziano's little sister. "Can't deny the resemblance!"

"That reminds me", says Blanca, "you never told us who the father is, Feli, did you?"

"Uh, I... " Feli looks dumbfounded for a second, then blurts out "ALRIGHT, TIME TO OPEN THOSE GIFTS!"

"Phew", she thinks silently "good save, Feli!"

Celestine got a snowteddy, a wooden pony, and a moondial from her mother.

"I picked out the moondial for you because I noticed you were recently getting interested in astrology", Feli explains.
"Astronomy", Celestine corrects her.
"Isn't that the same? It was expensive, be grateful."
"Thank you so much, mom!"

Next it is Feli's turn to open her gifts. She looks... disappointed.

An Amphicyclops. From Anonymous.

That is not the gift Feli wanted. 

The party comes to an abrupt end as the guests notice Feli's mood shift and make up excuses for why they have to leave now to escape Feli's wrath. 

And thus the guests unfortunately miss the miracle of birth. 
Entei's Snowflake gift to the family was her second litter: one male kitten, called German, and three little girls, called Ghana, Georgia, and Greece. All with pretty blue eyes.

And what are you looking at?


*Sorinoma is an anagram of Onomaris 

Yes, Feli did in fact get an Amphicyclops. Never had that given as a gift to any of my sims before. I didn't even know this thing existed! It's delightfully ugly.


  1. When I opened the wikipedia article for Onomaris I thought I was going crazy because I didn't realize it was in German in first. I was like "why does none of this make sense??" XD

    Anyway, on to the chapter. That Amphicyclops is pretty cute, actually! I kind of want on in my game.

    So the plot thickens re: the ghosts! I'm curious how Celestine's rolls reflect this ghostiness. And I love her excuse for why she was in that room. Celestine is a quick thinker.

    Yay for more kitties! I can't believe you're already up to the G litter (and what a huge litter!). The kittens are adorable. :)

    1. Oops... *blushes* I didn't even realize I linked to german wikipedia hahaha
      Thanks for the headsup, going to edit this!

      Cute is not the word I would have chosen to describe the Amphicyclops, but to each their own XD

      There will be a kitty break now though, I want to wait for all 6 kittens to grow up and then decide how to proceed, who to keep, and whether Entei will have more litters or we move on to the next cat generation.

  2. Hmm, now Celestine has discovered the ghosts. Will this help her figure out what's wrong? I also like her excuse to Feli. It was very smart thinking.

    I wonder if Feli will introduce Celestine to her father?

    1. Ah I can already tell you that Celestine will not be introduced to her father! I really didn't know how to include that, besides Taziano is happily married to another woman and has his own family with her. They did meet accidentally though.