Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1.3 - Where is Kenji?

Lets solve the question from last chapter first because it was just too silly to not mention it here. The reason why the cats were scared at the end of the last chapter was...

... the exact same burglar as the night before! Argh! Seriously, who breaks into the same house on two consecutive days? At least this time Lena was prepared.
The police came and kicked burglar butt. That should end the burglary for now, although just to be on the safe side, Lena decides to invest into an alarm.

We also congratulate Amy and Katerchen to their second litter!

Say hello to Bharu (male, left side) and Bok Gil (female, on the right)! Bok Gil looks a lot like her big sister Amanda, while Bharu has a very unique look with his cinnamon fur and white mustache, not really coming after any of his parents.
This time both kitten inherited their dad's eye color.

Lena is wearing some weird old clothes nowadays, which are not even orange. But it's the only stuff she fits into after she mysteriously put on weight. Worried that it might be a serious medical condition like Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's she decides to call her doctor one day.

"I need a doctor's appointment soon, please. I put on a lot of weight around the belly area and have no explanation, I eat and exercise as always!"
"Do you have any other symptoms, ma'am?"
"Well, now that you say it, I actually do have other symptoms! I have bad morning sickness and... I think I missed my last period too."
"You're pregnant."
"And I can hear cats meowing in the background. Do you have cats, ma'am? If so, please keep in mind that you may not clean any litter boxes yourself for the duration of your pregnancy due to the dangers of toxoplasmosis to your unborn."

This will be a fun time.

Lena doesn't put the phone down yet, there's another number she has to dial: Kenji's.
They chit-chat for a while about Anduin and how well he adjusted to his new home until Lena tells him why she really called him.

"I found out I'm pregnant and I think you might be the - "
"Pregnant? Aaah, um, congrats and all, but I reaaally don't have time to talk now, I have to... uh, visit my llama farm... in Shang Simla. I probably won't be back for uhm, another 18 years or so. Bye-"
"Wait, what? You never told me about a llama farm! Hey, you, I'm not done talking to you yet!"
Lena is distraught. A child? Financially it should be possible, but does she really want to devote most of her time to a little human?

It's hard enough to care for all her cats already, and this is a life change she definitely hasn't planned for.
The cats notice her sudden mood change and dirty litter boxes, and even well-behaved Ava becomes rebellious these days.

(*note: Ava was born non-destructive but for some reason she autonomously scratches the paper towels in the bathroom all the time. She really hates them.) 

It's mainly the two oldest cats Amy and Katerchen who hold the household together during these times.
Lena can be sure that at least her cats will be there for her and won't suddenly emigrate to Shang Simla. Sometimes they even bring chewed on rats and panicked birds as well-meant gifts for her - signs of true love.   

9 months (or 3 sim days) later...

"Welcome to the world, Felicia."

I think this chapter needs a little explanation because it was totally not planned out like this.
My original plan was that Kenji would be the father of the unborn child and then disappear/leave her alone when he finds out. Well, the game took me just a little bit too literal.
Every time Lena tried to initiate any romantic interaction, he glitched out causing him to literally disappear, and Lena ended up smooching the air.
He keeps dis- and reappearing at random it seems... so whether he's truly the father now or whether Lena hooked up another random guy that night because she was so frustrated about her boyfriend going invisible will remain a mystery. I rolled single parent anyway, so whatever :(


  1. Wow, Kenji's a real jerk! Though his excuse for leaving did make me laugh. XD Poor Lena. The picture of her kissing thin air is pretty funny, though.

    I couldn't imagine being pregnant with that many cats. o.o And no one to clean up after them, either.

  2. Jeez that house... the cats really run the place. xD Poor human child.

  3. I love the look of Bharu!

    Kenji wants nothing to do with this; that's sad. Is he still around town, too? That sucks that it glitched out on you.

    1. I love him too! :D Trying hard to find a mate for Bharu, those genetics have to be spread.

      Kenji is still in town, yes! After he "reappeared" Lena saw him with a partner and even children I believe? At least I assume they were his. Gave her the Betrayed moodlet and the friendship is over :(

  4. Aww! This is such a cute story already. I really liked Kenji because he let the cat have the couch haha... what a dumb reason.
    But people who are kind to animals are not bad people.
    Guess she's going to be rolling the dice with the litter boxes :x

  5. Aw! This is such a great story already. I really liked Kenji because he let the cat have the couch. What a dumb reason!
    But people who are kind to animals are not bad people.
    Guess she going to be rolling the duce with all those litter boxes :x