Saturday, February 25, 2017

1.6 - Cat ladies and dog people

In the last update Feli met one of the Shepherd kids, a family she would soon grow very close to. If you play as much in Appaloosa Plains as I do you probably know the townies Benjamin Schmidt and Hailey Shepherd
These two moved together and had 3 children at around the same time as Lena: Blanca, the girl you already know, Taziano, her slightly older brother, and Elea, who is already a teenager at this time.

Taziano had to shave his head as a result of a bet... He will grow his hair back when he's older and I promise, he is actually quite handsome as a teenager!

The Shepherd family also has... a bunch of dogs. Ralston Schmidt had two puppies (picture below) with the Blackburns' dog and I believe they adopted one more dog as well. 

To be honest, I'm not really sure how many dogs they have. What's important is that Feli, a cat lover by nature, likes them!

I do not interfere with the townies' lives or appearances in this game at all, so I'm very happy about how this family turned out (aside from Taziano's hairstyle or lack thereof)!

The younger Shepherds aren't the only friends Feli has made in school. Also part of the clique are the chubby boy Dereck, platinum blonde Lutz Hennessey (son of Benny Hennessey) and on the far right Ariel Loveland, who moved out of the town during Feli's childhood years.

All in all, Feli is quite popular in school! Which is honestly her only motivation to wake up every morning, since she doesn't really do well there in terms of grades. 

She sits at the small dining table like this and can't get a word on paper, let alone a 100 word essay!

Feli has enough of that. She stands up and fills the food bowls before getting herself something to eat. She might not be a grade A student, but at least she was raised to be a responsible cat owner!

Right as she finishes her quick afternoon meal Lena gets up and makes herself breakfast. She has to work night shifts as a ghost hunter, so she usually wakes up after Feli has come home from school and done her homework (or not). 

"Mom, I'm... done with my homework. Can we do something fun tonight?"
"Mhh, sure! -nom- Today is our - nom - weekly mom and daughter day anyway, isn't it? How about karaoke? -nom- It's fun!", Lena suggests with her mouth full of cereal, displaying amazing table manners.

And how much fun it is! Later in the evening, Lena and her daughter arrive in Mick's Karaoke Bar.

Neither of them are shy or reserved, so it doesn't take long until the duo rocks the bar. 

It's a busy night here and they have quite the audience. Personally I had to mute the game sound at this point, but Feli is pretty confident in her singing abilities and convinced that she'll be Appaloosa's next big star!

Seriously, this guy here in red and white has no idea and is just jealous anyway.

The two rising stars are rocking it 'til deep into the night. Other kids at Feli's age are long in bed already, but thank god Lena is such a cool (or irresponsible) mom!

When Feli sits next to her friend Dereck on the bus the next morning, she almost falls asleep and has a headache from her lack of sleep. Feli daydreams about just leaving school and becoming a famous singer or supermodel or cat breeder or really anything that's fun... Anything that doesn't have to do with math or history.

Speaking of becoming a cat breeder, the newest little fluff Valla continues to grow every day! Even Amy, who is very sceptical of any cats that aren't her own kids, grew fond of her and in a way became Valla's surrogate mother.

The next morning Feli decides that school isn't really that important and she'd much rather do something more fun. She has no accomplices among her two-legged friends though - everyone else in her clique attends school like the good kids they are - so she decides to spend this morning with Ava instead.

"Hey, Ava! Do you want to come with me to the cat park and try to catch some fish together?"
Ava replies with an excited meow.

It's a nice sunny day - much better suited for a day in the park than in class.

"Look, Ava! I got one!", Feli exclaimed proudly. "Haha, I knew I'm better at this than you!"

Ava watches Feli pull the little fish out of the pond.
Of course, she thinks, if I had a bait and that apparatus you're holding, I'd catch more too! Tsk, humans... Fishing is about wits, sharp claws, and cat-like reflexes, not holding bait into water and waiting!

Bonus picture at the end: spot the cat!


  1. Feli is adorable, and the Sheperd kids seem fun. I like Taziano's name (I'm assuming it was randomly selected since you said you don't intervene with townie's lives).

    Lena is an awesome/irresponsible mom! Their mother daughter outing looked super fun. And I'm already tryingt to guess your next gen's rolls, assuming Feli is an only child: either singer or angler, right? (I know it's early to guess, I just like guessing XD).

    That last picture is too cute!

    1. Yup, I think it fits him well since it sounds italian and he kinda looks like it too (tanned skin, brown hair/eyes).

      I try to more or less subtly hint at future rolls or develop the character into that direction, so guessing is welcomed! =D ... you're wrong though, sorry. But not too far off!

  2. Feli's so cute ^-^ I'm happy she's making friends and is popular :D

    Hmm, I wonder what her rolls are? I too enjoy guessing rolls xD I have a feeling one of her misc rolls is relating to socialising though, don't ask me why, it's just the impression I get

    All the cats, it makes me happy ^-^

  3. Feli seems like a good kid! Glad that she and Lena have continued their bonding.

    1. Funny you say that because... aah, let's not spoiler too much, but teenage years can be troublesome! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)