Thursday, March 2, 2017

1.7 - Multi-purpose party

Lena has been very busy with her job lately. Now that her daughter is older and doesn't need as much attention anymore, she focused more on her career again.

This night she was called for an emergency: an elderly woman broke down following a panic attack. She had a feeling that her house was haunted... 

When Lena arrived, the police was already there to investigate what really happened. They were convinced that the lady has gone a little crazy and didn't believe a word of it. Tsk, ghosts...  

But Lena knew better. She took out her banshee banisher and as soon as she was finished with her work, even sceptics had to admit that the atmosphere in the house has changed noticably. 

It's cases like this one that make Lena proud of her strange work. Where she was scoffed at in the beginning, she was now respected by most people around the town - and was finally promoted to a Paranormal Expert, thus fulfilling her lifetime wish and this generation's goal! 

In her hand she holds the last ghost she had captured, safely locked away in an old jar because that's how you store ghosts properly as every good ghost hunter knows. 
What, it's empty?! Duh, of course you can't see anything, it's a ghost...

Feli is proud of her cool mom. Who wouldn't want to have a real ghost hunter as their mother? That's just so much cooler than sitting in an office!

But there's more to Feli's happy smile than that: her birthday is approaching!
The Koyangi household is truly in party mood -

"My birthday AND my favourite holiday on the same day! That will be the best party EVER!", Feli laughs while playfully punching her mom with a soft pillow.
"Hey, I thought we'll have a party celebrating my promotion?", Lena smiles.

But Feli is too excited to notice Lena's teasing or the pillow punch aimed back at her.
"We'll have spooky costumes! And a huuge bonfire and marshmallows! And ghost stories!"
"Real ghost stories from a real ghost hunter!", Lena adds.

The ladies lay down their cushioned weapons and Lena goes to hug Amy, the oldest of the 5 cats currently living in the house.

"Oh, Amy... We'll have many guests, children mostly, and loud music. Maybe you want to take your family to the cat park during the party, hm?"
And miss all the free snacks the kids will leave around and forget about? I don't think so!

 Feli is outside, finishing the last party preparations.

Let's get this party starteeeed!

The first guests arrive early. Among them are Feli's friends from school Dereck, Ariel, Lutz, and the Shepherd siblings Blanca, Taziano, and Elea.

And the award for the creepiest costume goes toooo...

Taziano, the killer clown!

Without many words, here are some pictures of the birthday-promotion-spooky day-party:

Highlight of the night: Lena releases one of her REAL captured ghosts into freedom!

Of course she chose a ghost of good nature for this to ensure everyone's safety, but the story she told about it was dramatic and haunting.

The kids are celebrating Spooky Day, Lena is celebrating her promotion, and of course Feli is celebrating her birthday. Some of Feli's closest friends decide to stay overnight and sleep in the treehouse.

As the party comes to an end, the magical moment of aging up finally happens and the little girl grows up:

Valla is now an adult cat.
Wow, I can't believe the humans had this huge party just because of my birthday!


So I wanted to make this party really awesome and I would have loved to take more and better screenshots of it, but my sims simply didn't cooperate. In the actual game the party was pretty disastrous: the guests were constantly going back inside instead of staying in the prepared party area outside, which led to lots of route failures because the house is small, narrow, and there's always a cat standing in the way.
And the kids always wanted to do their homework instead of engaging in any party activities... *sigh* I'm bad at sims parties. 


  1. Haha, parties never quite work out in this game, do they? Everyone seems to want to do their homework. Like, no matter how bad the party, no one's gonna do their homework at one :P silly sims

    I wonder what Feli looks like as a teenager ^-^ and it's sweet Lena threw a party specifically for Valla, so nice. Cats are so underappreciated xD

    1. Maybe EA programmed that intentionally, hoping that the sims would act as role models for their players so people do their homework instead of partying! *conspiracy*

  2. Parties rarely go right for me, either, but yours still looked fun! Loved the ghost release, and congrats to Lena for being promoted! I had a good laugh at the "empty" ghost jar. XD

    What a wonderful party for Valla! Oh, and I guess good for Feli, too. BTW, where's teenage Feli?? If I'm evil for not showing my heir grown up, so are you! ;)

    1. Haha, I did think back to Lark when I ended this chapter, I kinda expected your comment already =D So, here you go, teenage Feli choking on her mom's food:
      It just didn't really fit into the chapter anymore, sorry for being evil!

  3. Congrats on getting Lena's LTW! Is that also the top of the ghost hunting career?

    Sim parties always seem better than they are. You want to make it great, but it never really turns out that way. And the party rating system doesn't always make sense. *shrug*