Sunday, June 4, 2017

2.8 - The chapter in which everyone makes silly faces

"Feli?! Excuse me but... what are you doing in my house?"

Feli has come by for a surprise visit and is now shouting at Dereck, hands on her hips. "YOU were the one who 'gifted' me that Amphicyclops!"

"What? Oh, no... no, no, no, that wasn't me, must have been Lutz or someone else, now if you would excuse me, Feli, my old friend -"

"No excuses! I know everything! You thought you were being funny, gifting that ugly, creepy, worthless thing to your BEST FRIEND, huh?! You thought I don't deserve a better gift?!"

You can see the horror in Dereck's eyes, who knows Feli long enough to know what's about to happen.
"No Feli, I swear, I just thought it was cute! We can settle this like mature adults, yes?"

But Feli and maturity just don't go well together.
And here comes the Feli Slap™...

Celestine had another appointment at the hospital and was now standing at the front entrance, waiting for Feli to bring her home again.
"Mom, I was waiting for you!"
"Sorry! Mommy had some, err, important things to do", Feli replies, hoping that she does not have any visible bruises yet.

"Are you feeling better, honey?"
"I'm fine, mom!"

But wait - that doctor looks familiar...


It's Taziano. Feli looks so pleased to see him again!


One day at breakfast Celestine tries to get some more information about ghosts from Feli. Ever since her discovery before Snowflake Day she has been eager to find out more about this topic.

 "Mom, are ghosts really real? Marty says they are not real."
"That's because Marty is a dumbass, sweetie."

"Hm. Can you tell me a story about grandma and her ghost hunting then, please?"
"Lets not talk about these things at breakfast, okay?"

Based on the facial expressions of Celestine and Fineas I have to assume Feli just farted.

Fast forward. Spring has finally come, and the cats are often out hunting again. These two here are Fineas and Ferb, now fully grown.

Celestine has grown quite a bit as well! It's crazy how fast time passes, I could have sworn she was only a toddler about ten days ago or so.

Celestine is just as happy - if not more! - about the rising temperatures. She was feeling sleepy and inactive during winter, but now that the sun is coming out she is full of energy again and picked up some new hobbies like gardening.

Since her mom wasn't a huge help in her research about ghosts Celestine decides to take matters into her own hands and visits the local library for more information. Unfortunately literature on that topic seems rather scarce.

After searching through the countless book shelves with no success, Celestine wants to ask the librarian for help.
"Excuse me, miss. Do you have any books about, uh, ghosts?"

The librarian doesn't answer immediately, so Celestine assumes that the old lady doesn't have good hearing anymore and repeats her question slowly and in a loud voice.
"Something about ghosts? Preferably non-fiction?"

After another pause the librarian looks down at Celestine with big round eyes and a happy, if slightly disturbing smile. "Awww... what a cute little girl you are!"

The old lady leans forward. "So pretty... reminds me of my granddaughter!"
"... ueeh?!"

Just look at Celestine's expression!
"What are you - aah, I just wanted a book, okay?!"

Ok, this is my favorite screenshot of Celestine I think.

"Aah! Screw this! I'm going to find that book on my own!", Celestine screams in horror before running away from the crazy old librarian.

Later that evening...

"And then she just pinched my cheek like I'm a baby or something! Isn't that crazy?"

"Sorry, honey, I couldn't hear you over the constant meowing. What did you just say?"
"Do you think we have too many cats?"

Feli and Celestine have to take a moment to think very hard about that question.


The unstable friendship between Dereck and Feli is now officially over. Feli's diva trait and Dereck's mean-spirited trait were an explosive combination and they kept getting into arguments all the time! Even this time the mean interactions and the slapping were autonomous, the only thing I had to command was the actual fight interaction.

Regarding Taziano, I had no idea he was working in the medical career, that was pure coincidence and kind of funny =D


  1. It seems like the fighter roll is fun. XD At least for Feli it is.

    Ha! I love Feli's mothering style--calling children dumbasses is great. She's so direct.

    Eww! That librarian was horrible. Poor Celestine. She has serious research to do, lady!

    1. Feli gets a kick out of it every time! But to be honest I'd rather not roll it again.

      What's funny is that this old lady became kind of a stalker to Celestine (she's a normal townie, no paparazzi or anything). I'm going to show it in the end of generation outtakes or maybe even include directly, she even showed up at her house and at a super private date at a lonely fishing spot!

  2. Lol, it brings to question how Feli and Dereck even became friends in the first place.

    Interesting that Taziano works at the hospital. This means he has the opportunity to see Celestine on a regular basis.

    The pinch cheeks interation is hilarious! I love that Celestine tried to reject it.

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster award:

    1. They became friends during childhood before they got the Diva and mean-spirited traits as teenagers/adults; but it clearly wasn't a friendship made for eternity =D

      I didn't know about that, was so surprised when I saw Taziano walking out of the hospital next to Celestine haha

      Oooh thanks for that! ♥ I need to read up on that when I have time tonight!