Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2.0 - Generation 1 Review and future plans

In this update I want to wrap up generation one, brabble a bit about my thoughts on it, and show some stuff that didn't make it into the blog.

I'm not really a legacy player, the furthest I ever got was to the 4th generation. But I really love the RLC idea, so I decided to give it a try and start a blog for accountability.

Now that I successfully ended generation one, let's have a look at the heir, Feli:

Lifetime Wish: Cat Herder

My real life cats Amy & Katerchen

I had no real plans going into this legacy, I just spontaneously decided to add my two babies when I created my founder in CAS. Unfortunately there's something I hadn't considered when I did this: there is no way I could possibly let them die in game! That's the bad side of creating sims after real life pets/people...

Immortal love ♥

So instead I use the "Young Again" lifetime reward for 20,000 lifetime happiness points each time they become old, keeping them alive for the entire legacy. Yep, that's right, I plan to keep these two throughout all 10 generations.

Gaining this much lifetime happiness in time can become hard once big wishes like "max hunting skill" are already fulfilled, so that gives me an additional objective and makes it a true challenge.

Valla vs. Gumi

During Feli's toddler years, Lena adopted a spotted male cat which was named Gumi by little Feli. Unfortunately, right after that the game crashed for the first and only time in this legacy and Gumi was gone forever :( Some time later though a very similar looking female kitten showed up - Valla!

This also meant that Bharu (male) would be the one to reproduce, and not Ava (female) as planned originally.

above: Gumi (death by game crash)
below: little Valla talking to Bharu

Kenji and the invisibility glitch

I rolled Single Parent for this generation, so my original plan was to find a decent looking townie, get Lena pregnant, and then make up a story where the father disappears because he couldn't take the responsibility for a child.

Well, my game decided to take this literally and made Kenji disappear on their first romantic interaction. Mini-Spoiler: The same thing happens in Generation 2... But this time I managed to fix it and the invisible sim Feli is holding awkwardly in the picture below re-appeared!

my game's favourite bug


Here are some pictures that didn't make it into the blog.

The first one is a special one because I found it soo touching (it totally looks like Amy is rescuing her son from the car, right?!) but I couldn't figure out how to include it. They were actually just cuddling on the street while a car passed by but I thought it looked so dramatic!

Heroic mom saves son from car accident

I don't think you'll get clean in there, Feli.

We have plenty of cat beds but one cat decided to sleep outside in winter and this happened. Which cat? Yes, this cat.

Someone tied balloons to this dog's back and now it's flying away! Not really but it looks cute

I thought this drawing was oddly appropriate. Two girls, one of them with glasses (Lena), a skull (ghost hunter), and... well, let's pretend that's suposed to be a cat on a leash!

Random stray doggo showed up in our house. I wanted to adopt but he was bugged/could not be interacted with

What to expect in Generation 2

Now, to be super honest, I'm not very happy about my generation 2 rolls. It's not something I would typically play or write about. But that's kind of the challenging part of the challenge, right?

Anyway, I went into this legacy without any plans, stories, or character, so it ended up being more of a "look what's happening in my game"-thing rather than an actual story.

It's really fun though, so I want to slowly transition into proper storytelling during the next generations, so here's what I'll be trying to do in gen 2:

  • aiming for 12-15 chapters this time
  • more storytelling/detail towards the end
  • focus will be more on the next heir as soon as they're born, not on Feli
  • a short lesson in Korean
  • cats, lots of them (I mean it)


  1. Oh wow, I didn't guess any of Feli's traits correctly. :[ I'm a failure!

    I was wondering how you would deal with the cat doppelgängers dying in your game! That's why I never dropped my dogs into a save despite spending forever making them. XD But making your kitties functionally immortal is a good idea, and as you say it'll increase the difficulty of the challenge.

    So who's the invisible sim Feli is holding? ;)

    It's neat that you'll be adding some storytelling. I think adding a bit of story makes it more fun to write each chapter. Unless you end up going overboard like *some* people (like me--don't go overboard like me XD).

    Loved all of the extra pictures and the thoughts about your first gen! I'm looking forward to gen 2. :D

    1. Aw :( I hoped you would guess Hydrophobic (the one time at summer festival where Feli got a splash of water into the face and was grumpy for the rest of the day) or Cat lover, but the "baby traits" were really impossible to guess!

      Aah, but I like you going overboard with your story XD But I personally wouldn't have the patience for it, I'm always itching to actually play the game and get to the next generation... I probably won't start with it right away because of my lack of screenshots (I played ahead a little), but I'll think of some stuff when the baby/ies is/are there =D

  2. :D I loved your first generation! Can't wait to see what nonsense Feli gets up to. I just took a peek at your rolls page, having a single + 1 child heir again must be frustrating. I like big sim families, myself.

    I like Feli's traits, too.... they make her sound kind of like a cat herself! xD

    1. Same, I also like big sim families. The gen. 2 rolls were a bit frustrating indeed, but at least that means I'll have space in the house for 10,000 cats.

      Hah, I'm glad you said that because that was my intention when choosing her traits! =D

  3. Whoa, I agree that Feli's traits do sound like a cat! Except the light sleeper one, lol.

    Hope you're having fun with Feli's gen, even though it's not something you'd normally do. Sometimes you find it's more fun than you expected.