Saturday, March 25, 2017

1.10 - All grown up

Winter is here and Feli still follows her usual day routine: caring for the cats, hanging out with friends, and of course playing pranks to anyone who annoys her (read: anyone who disagreed with her once).

Uhh, this bag she's about to put on fire looks very much like the cat litter bag she just used.... Just what has this neighbour done to deserve this.. 

Sometimes she's caught and will be grounded by her mom, but that's okay. You can be mischievous at home too!

But it wouldn't do her justice to just paint her as a bad person. She's very social and loves to hang out with her friends.

Remember Taziano being bald as a kid? He grew his hair back and looks pretty attractive for the result of EA townies' marriage now!

In the house right next to the Koyangis lives a chubby, kind-hearted single guy who has expressed an interest in the most recent litter. That means Celine, Clone, and Cassie are now promised into a good home as soon as they grow up!

Christmas nears. Feli hosts a little gift giving party, inviting all the Shepherd siblings including Taziano, her friend Lutz Hennessey from the last update, and some others. Two of her favourite activities in one: hanging out with friends and getting free stuff!

Feli tries to go in for a kiss under the mistletoe but, uh...

Yeah ok, that was a little embarassing. I'm genuinely surprised (and proud) that Lutz didn't get a slap in the face after rejecting her. Seems like the spirit of snowflake day can calm even the biggest diva.

I wanted to show you Taziano's almost grown up sisters too: oldest sibling Elea (YA) and the youngest, Blanca (teen, pulling silly face here but she's as pretty as the rest of the family).

I do hope they keep reproducing, gotta keep that family in mind for genetic donations in future generations.

Alright, time for the really important part of the evening: the gift opening!

Feli has a lot of fun opening all the cool stuff for her. Books about cats, a red kitty sweater because she's growing out of her old clothes and more...

Ava seems to be expecting something too. Maybe some extra treats or a new catnip toy?

But Feli's favourite gift comes from her mom Lena: a brandnew girly-pink keyboard!

"Maybe you'll find fun in something other than making trouble..." Lena mumbles more to herself than to her daughter as she watches her face lightening up upon seeing the expensive gift.

She tries it out on the same evening, door closed to not annoy the cats too much with the noise but it's really hard with no experience or any musical know-how. Maybe she should take some lessons...

The day after snowflake day Feli celebrates her birthday. Normally that would have called for a big party, but she just had one yesterday and her guests had already congratulated her in advance and brought gifts for both snowflake and birthday.

So she just celebrates with her mom and her cats instead! 
Lena insists on giving her at least a small gift even though Feli just got a very expensive one yesterday - so this time it is just an umbrella. But that's cool too, Feli hates rain and spring is about to arrive.

As if the weather gods knew about Feli's birthday gift, it's starting to rain on this day and the snow melts away.

The trio of Celine, Clone, and Cassie is adopted out to the friendly neighbour next door. I'm sure we will still see them around often.

And that's how the family looks now at the end of generation one. 

But man, where did Feli get those muscles from?! Look at her broad shoulders, especially compared to her mom!! She never did any muscle workout, just some cardio and jogging during her early teenage times!
Cats currently in the household, from left to right: Katerchen (back), Cami (front), Ava (back, sleeping), Valla, Amy, Bharu's butt.


I don't know if it's the Diva trait or just hilariously bad luck but for some reason Feli's flirts and hugs constantly get rejected by everyone, despite having so many friends! Or maybe the game just knows my rolls...

If you want to you can guess Feli's traits and lifetime wish in the comments, since they will be revealed in the next update. Oh, and the generation rolls if you want to!

The next update will just be a short review on this generation with outtakes and background blabla, what didn't make it into the blog, and what to expect for the next generation, so it'll be outside of the actual "story".


  1. Well that was enjoyable!

    I should probably update my blog too, oops :P

    One thing I wanna ask you - do you see your cats much after you move them out? And how do you know that the neighbors will look after them properly? I'm a little worried about my cats starving and being taken away after I move them out with a neighbor, but I can't go and buy the food bowls for the other houses because I'd have to change the active household and therefore kill all promised wishes. I'm having to wait to add kids into the area until gen 2 starts too, since Kylie also has a bad habit of playing for tips without permission...

    1. Sorry to butt in, but if you're willing to cheat a bit, use testingcheatsenabledtrue and shift click on the desired lot and "buy on this lot" should show up and you can edit their house without switching active households. It will subtract money from your funds, but if you either don't care or are willing to use cheats or mods to pay back the difference, it should be fine. I personally don't consider that really cheating since it's for the survival of your sims' pets.

    2. Oh, thank you Marcy! I'll do that. :)

    3. To add on that: I can of course simply visit the new owner at their house and see my cats there! But they're also running around outside sometimes so I will randomly see them from time to time, especially when they're new home is near to mine.

      For example I recently met Bok Gil on the spring festival, and she seemed perfectly fine ;-) According to my cats' family tree all cats have found a mate in the neighbourhood after being adopted, but unfortunately none of them had kittens on their own. But that might be because I already produce so many litters and StoryProgression wants to avoid overpopulating the town with cats.

  2. Taziano is cute! Much cuter than Lutz, should Feli ever require someone's genetic material...

    And Feli is totally ripped! Maybe Kenji was muscular? I've noticed sometimes that muscles seem to be inherited. Though sometimes body shape just seems a little random. Luke grew into a chubby teen despite being pretty active.

    Oh! Oh! Feli is going to be either a busker or a stylist! :D Those are just guesses. Hmm, I think she also might be rebellious on top of being a diva?

    1. Heh.

      Ah, I wasn't too happy about her body shape at first (looks a bit... masculine? idk) but it actually fits her misc. roll very well *hinthint*

      I actually thought about giving her the rebellious trait, it would have made sense (instead of the rather generic baby traits...)

  3. HMMMMMMM yeah I have no idea what her rolls would be lol. I'm guessing single? Probably busker? and maybe "live your trait"... hehe idk! I'm looking forward to seeing how the next gen goes :D

  4. Feli seems so fun to play with! The things she comes up with, lol.

    Taziano has some good genes, if his sisters are any indication.

    Still a lot of cats! Does Feli have the cat lover trait, too?