Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Now look at that! The tiniest cat has grown up to become bigger than Bharu! She's not fat though, it's all about the fluff.

As it usually happens when you don't spay or neuter your cat, she became pregnant soon after reaching maturity.

While Valla is putting on some pounds, Feli is busy getting rid of hers. 

On her way back from the gym she encounters a raccoon. Feli is sure she can pet that little guy. After all, racoons are just cats with a funny bandit mask, right? And she has plenty of experience with cats!

Ouch! Lesson learned. 'Coons ain't cats.

You're a true gentleman, Katerchen, eh? Letting your pregnant and exhausted daughter-in-law sleep on the floor while claming the cat bed for yourself...

What a big round belly though!

The same afternoon: Feli goes out to eat at the bistro with Dereck, the chubby boy she was already friends with in elementary school. Judging by the look on her face she's not really looking forward to the night though...

Dereck goes ahead and orders food that could easily fill up the two of them all for himself. You can tell where he got his additional pounds from, and it's not bad genetics!

"And you are going to eat all of this by yourself? Ugh, it's people like you who motivate me to work out..."

Wait, what? Dereck needs a second to process what he has heard. But Feli doesn't stop there: "You know, you kinda look like the Before pictures in fitness magazines, haha!"

Dereck is used to being made fun of but he didn't expect to hear this from his friend! Or should he have? Feli sure isn't known to be afraid of speaking her mind...

That's when Dereck gets upset. "And YOU should take a class in decent manners rather than cardio! I already get enough shit from the guys at school, I don't need these kind of comments from someone I call friend!"

Oof. That was Dereck's vulnerable point. Maybe Feli should try to think before she speaks in the future.

I can't tell if she is sad here or really doesn't care. Somehow teenage Feli has a constant "eh, whatever." face.

Yeah, I think she's a little sad. She might have been rude but she doesn't have a heart of stone, does she?

The same night at around 2.30 AM mother and daughter wake up to strange noises from the dining room. 

And guess what they saw: Valla had her kittens!

At this point the Koyangi household had 5 cats: Amy and Katerchen, Ava, Bharu and Valla.
My jaw dropped a little when I saw that Valla had an unusually large litter for sims standards. Yup, we now have nine cats total!

One male, three female. Say hello to Cassie, Celine, Clone, and Cami (from left to right in the picture above)!

There's something odd about the kittens though, and I don't know if Valla fell victim to a glitch or if it's supposed to be like that: 3 of the 4 kittens have the exact same fur pattern and body. In fact, Celine and Clone are 100% identical, and Cassie only differs in her head shape.
Cami is the only one who looks entirely unique.

Glitch or not - Valla is a proud mom now!

Lena and Feli stay up this night and take care of everything. Making sure all the kittens came out of mom's belly, filling the food bowls, etc. Nine cats. That's just a little bit crazy!

Ava is a little bit sad that she's not the one to have kittens. Spoiler: she won't have any before aging up, even though it was planned originally.

This is what neighbours see when they look through the large windows in the dining room from the outside. A perfectly normal scene.

Lena explains to Feli that she will have to help her taking care of the cats, since nine cats with four of them being so young is a bit too much to handle for Lena alone. 
I don't think Feli has a problem with that though. The cats helped raising her when she was a baby, and now she will help raising the cats.

Who's a fabulous little kitty? Oh yes, Cami is!


In case you were wondering, the title is a reference to the infamous Onyxia wipe video, where the raid leader of a WoW guild gets really, really mad during a boss encounter and screams, among other things, "MANY WHELPS! NOW, HANDLE IT!"
This voice conversation from 2006 became somewhat of a meme in the WoW community and outside of it.

 Linked for the curious, but seriously don't click it unless you don't mind loud and nasty language with some NSFW illustrations (whelps at around 2:50)

Oh, and make sure to check out the new litters page I added with this update!


  1. Valla is gorgeous as a adult kitty and Cami is SO cute! Weird about Cami's almost-clone litter mates... Possibly a glitch, probably just bad luck with genetics?

    Poor Dereck. Feli should try to be nicer... I like that she's helpful with the cats though. I see many scratched and bitten hands in her future, lol.

    -Mud (too lazy to sign in atm lol ops)

    1. I'll watch that in future litters, I'm starting to notice some weird patterns the more cats I breed. Sims genetics can be so odd.
      And yeah, that wasn't really nice of Feli - and worse even she did it autonomously, I had nothing to do with it I promise!
      Thanks for reading and commenting =D

  2. Great googly moogly that is a lot of cats. o.o Even with attentive cat parents, that house must smell very distinctive. XD Regardless of whether it's a glitch or not, the kittens are cute!

    I still can't figure out Feli's rolls so I'm going to give up guessing for now. XD But is one of her traits mean spirited?

    1. Ah, can't be worse than your average animal shelter and I personally never minded that smell =D

      Close one, not mean-spirited but Diva! Haven't played a lot with that trait before, it's much more, uh, "dominant" than I expected. Can't tell you how often I caught her slapping a random Sim's face when I left her alone for a while haha

  3. Hey, just wanted to say that I really like your legacy! Feli is so cute (even if she is a diva).

    I'm just wondering if you'll ever put your sims up for download? They seem really cute so far and my current legacy save is in dire need of new genetics (I had to turn immigration off after my previous towns were overrun with new sims).

    Random aside, but where did you get the last name Koyangi from?

    1. Aw, thank you! :-)
      I'm sure I could upload my sims, just need to figure out how to do it since I've never done it before. But yeah, I'll try to do so this week!

      Koyangi (or more commonly written as goyangi) is the romanized form of 고양이 which is simply the korean word for 'cat'! I thought it would fit well because I will have a bunch of cats throughout all 10 generations of this legacy...

  4. Feli was certainly being a diva there! Yeah, I wouldn't expect that from my friends.

    So many cats! Idk, the genetics thing is probably just because pet genetics aren't that good? And maybe they have a higher chance of looking similar when they are in the same litter?

    1. Yeah, there is some really weird stuff going on with pet genetics. I also noticed for cats and dogs that there is always one baby in the litter that will have a different body shape from its parents and look like the default shape in CAS.
      Strange stuff, as someone who loves breeding pets in Sims I wish they had made it a little better.