Saturday, April 15, 2017

2.2 - Love Day

The D litter is here! The boys are identical in everything except for body shape and were named Dick and Dünn (thick/thin).

Feli, who still remembers Valla as a tiny kitten, is proud of her. "I will be as good of a mom as you are", she whispers while brushing her. Her long fur needs to be taken care of regularly.
In the background you can see Cami diving head first into the food bowl.

Feli grabs Cami lovingly. "Good news, Cami! We finally found someone who wants to be adopted by you! What do you think, hm?"

Though Cami will be missed, Feli is already used to this procedure. When you're breeding cats, you can't possibly keep them all. Cats come and cats go.

And with the arrival of the D litter, Cami's adoption is right on time.


"Thank you for coming, Taziano. I almost thought I had to attend the festival on my own!"

"How could I say no to my best friend? Glad to see you too. We haven't had many chances lately to spend time together like in the good old days, eh? The final exams in school, job applications, my family's excitement over Elea's pregnancy... So what have you been up to?"

For once, Feli finally manages to calm her inner Diva and simply has a good day with Taziano. No drama. No fights. No face slapping. Just having fun and taking cheesy selfies.

And to make this already great Love Day even better, Feli meets a familiar face at the festival: It's Bok Gil of the B litter, Bharu's littermate! 

It's always a joy to see how the cats that were adopted out are doing now, and luckily Bok Gil seems healthy and happy.

As it gets later, Feli and Taziano decide to try out the love tester machine for fun.

Wiggling some levers, pushing buttons, ...

"DING DING DING! Your score is 55 out of 100. I've seen worse matches. Better ones, too."

Feli's reaction: "Eh, good enough."

As it gets later Feli and Taziano watch a movie together to round things off. By sheer luck Feli, who hasn't cared about getting a job at all so far, also sees a note with a job offer at the theatre they were visiting: a local band is looking for a roadie to tour with them for a lousy payment. 

Feli can't contain her excitement: this is her chance! She will go on tour with these guys, make coffee and sandwiches for them, do some mic checks, and prove her amazing piano and guitar skills. They will beg to make her part of the band! A foolproof plan!

Feli loses herself in her daydreams. She will be a star! The big stage awaits her!

Feli can hear her imaginary fans cheering in the distance. 

Thank you! Thank you for the applause! You're too kind, I love you all! Thank you very much!


Back to reality: Feli's first day at work.

Feli is at a bar to prepare some stuff for the bands' next gig, where she gets into a fight with a guest for... whatever reason. She probably just felt the need to slap someone after being so nice to Taziano.

Good thing the bar's manager in the background doesn't care. Lesson learned: don't mess with Felicia. 

While Feli is just entering the job world, Lena already thinks about retiring. She doesn't hunt ghosts every night anymore, but even though she made enough money by now to support her daughter on her way to adulthood, she can't quite let go of her profession yet.

Often times she will go out to various graveyards at night - preferably the pet graveyard - and calm the spirits of the deceased. 
She doesn't get paid for it, nor does she get praise for saving the neighbourhood like she did in her younger days, but she feels like she is doing a good thing. 

One morning after a long night of talking to the dead Lena comes home to see Taziano walk around in his underwear, being suspiciously happy. Feli must have asked him to stay overnight. 

Lena lets out a sigh and mumbles to herself.
"It's not that I don't love her but I wish she would move out already... But who will take the cats then?" 


  1. D'awww, the last picture is so cute! And I love the names Dick and Dünn!

    Lena is surprisingly innocent. Doesn't she know that walk meant that Taziano got lucky?? I suppose this means baby Koyangi is on the horizon?? ;)

    1. Hah, thank you, they're literally just the german words for thick/thin so I was actually super uncreative =D

      Yes, baby Koyangi is on the way!! I played ahead quite a bit and I have to say I haven't been that attached to a pixel person in a long time, love baby Koyangi!

  2. lol awwww the kitty snoozing on Lena's slipper pic is adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing the next heir!

    1. Thank you ♥
      I shall not disappoint! I really like the next heir (although very different from Feli) and the gen. 3 rolls, hope you will too!

  3. Yay, Feli and Taziano hit it off! His big grin at the end, though, lol!

    Feli got a job, too! Nice. Though she can't be all that much help as a roadie.

    Feli move out? No, that doesn't seem like a good idea at all.

    1. Aw, have some trust in Feli, maybe moving out is exactly what she needs to grow up not only physically but mentally! :-)