Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2.3 - 9 months

*1st Trimester*

"You can't just come here and beat our guests up!"

"It's not my fault it escalated! He said I could use some practice on my guitar!"

"That's not even an insult and it definitely doesn't justify physical violence!"

"Oh, so you're on his side now?! I'll show you!"

Feli has been even more temperamental than usual lately. If you asked Feli, she'd tell you it's not her fault, it's the hormones, she has no control over it, her palm just accidentally slips across other people's cheeks. Yes, she is finally pregnant - and more than happy about it! - but this is going to be a great change in her life so of course she'll be a little bit more irritable now!

*2nd Trimester*

Although she's upset about her daughter's immature decision to raise a child alone at that age, Lena feels like she can't really hold that up against Feli, since she did the same mistake when she was her age. 
Well, almost the same. In her case it wasn't planned, while Feli consciously made the decision to have a child without a stable relationship and financial security.

Lena blames herself. Maybe she should have talked more sense into Feli. Told her how hard it was to be a young single mother. Feli clearly does not have the maturity to raise a child.
Lena sighs.
But neither did she when she had Feli, yet she somehow managed to grow into the mother role. It'll be alright. Lena just has to trust her daughter, however crazy she might be.

"How is the house search going, Feli?"

"I think I found the perfect house for me and the baby, mom! Look, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large dining and living area with a beautiful kitchen. And it's... almost affordable!"
"What do you need 3 bedrooms for? Isn't that too big for you two?"
"Just big enough for my personality!", Feli giggles. 

*3rd Trimester*

Feli and Lena are visiting a cozy little second hand shop in town where they try to get some cheap baby furniture, toys or clothes. The due date is nearing and the baby is everything the two can think about lately. 

Well, that's not entirely true. Feli can also think a lot about herself. 

"Who would have thought I would still be so attractive at 33 weeks?", Feli asks in a rhetorical manner when she walks by a mirror in the store. 

"Man, I really hope the baby will have my eyes..."

"Feli, we are here to do some shopping for the baby. You can admire yourself at home."

"Right... But I need to go to the bathroom anyway. I'll be back in a minute."

A minute goes by and strange noises come from the store's restroom, followed by Feli calling her mother through the door. 
"Mom!! I ... aaah... need help! I think..."

Now that was unexpected! But apparently the baby couldn't wait any longer, so Lena brings her daughter into the hospital quickly.


Feli has given birth to a healthy little girl she named Celestine, meaning "heavenly". The baby came just a little bit too early, so the crib had to be placed in Lena's bedroom temporarily because there was no space anywhere else.

"But mom, I can't let my sweetinnocenthelpless daughter sleep in the same room where you store your ghosts! What if... I don't know, they haunt her or something?! Isn't that dangerous to a newborn?"

"Felicia", Lena begins in her most calming voice, "I know how to care for a baby, just trust me. And I know you feel very anxious and overprotective right now but Celestine is perfectly safe here. It's only a temporary solution anyway."

Feli isn't really convinced, but she's too tired after giving birth to make a scene.

The ghosts Feli is referring to are some of the spirits Lena has captured as part of her ghost hunting business and kept as a trophy. They are all stored away safely in some Tupperware boxes and absolutely no reason to be worried...

... for adult sims.

Celestine cries.

"Shhh... It's all good... all good... "

Babies cry. That's normal. Lena isn't worried about her granddaughter. 
Maybe she should be?
One of the ghost containers feels warm. Odd. 
Is it empty? Hard to tell. It's just a spirit after all. Weightless, barely visible.
Hmm... A newborn makes everyone a little paranoid. No reason to be worried.
Back to bed.


Surprisingly the screams that wake up Lena the next morning do not come from the baby, but from Feli. 
Lena rubs her eyes and instinctively checks if the baby is okay first. Everything seems fine.

Huh, why is that ghost container on the shelf above the crib? Did she put it there tonight? She could have sworn last time she checked on the baby the little mouse figurine has been there instead.


Lena quickly forgets what she was thinking about and leaves the bedroom to see why Feli is calling her.

Of course, Valla has given birth! Everyone was so excited about Feli's pregnancy that they completely forgot about Valla expecting her third litter!

From left to right (all female): Espeon, Eevee, and Entei! 

Yay, Celestine is here! Spoiler: she's my favorite sim and I love her rolls!

On Valla: I absolutely adore her and Bharu and think they make for a great cat couple, but unfortunately I didn't have much luck with their kittens, they all look very much alike unlike Amy's two litters. That's why Valla & Bharu will now "retire" and another cat (most likely Entei) will be the new breeding cat. After nine kittens Valla deserves that anyway ;-)


  1. Um, Feli, maybe you shouldn't fight while you're pregnant?? Just sayin'...

    Oh gosh--"Just big enough for my personality!" made me both laugh and roll my eyes. And her admiring herself in the mirror...I love Feli. XD

    Celestine is a beautiful name! But what's up with the ghost containers moving?? You're freaking me out!! I can't wait to see what her rolls are.

    I like how you broke up this chapter into the trimesters and postpartum. And I don't think you overstuffed this chapter at all. (:

    1. Ah, but I had to get her into a fight to fulfill the Fighter roll! It's super weird when you play the game and suddenly notice "Oh, I still have to beat someone up this week!" xD

      The mirror check was an autonomous action, I guess she had to make sure her make-up was still on point before going into labor. It's definitely a fun trait to play with =D

      I will come back to the ghost thing in the future, but probably not in the next update. And aw, thank you :-)

  2. Haha oh Feli... some things never change.

    Does Taziano know he's a father or did Feli just shrug and think it didn't matter? Sounds like something she would do XD

    Celestine has such a nice name! But I agree with Owl Face- the ghost thing is freaky!

    1. I've been actually thinking about this too when I wrote this chapter... In terms of gameplay Taziano knows, because sims can somehow magically sense when they become father and show up at the mom's house after birth even when they're not in a relationship.
      But storywise I'd say he doesn't know. Feli definitely wants to raise her child alone without having to compromise with someone else about parenting styles aka "we're doing it my way - or no way". So from her point of view there's really no point in telling him, she wouldn't accept him as a co-parent anyway. That would just make things too complicated for Feli if Taziano insisted on his right to see Celestine or something.

  3. Great chappy, Feli makes me laugh with her usual antics. I feel bad for Taziano if he doesn't even know he has a daughter, lol. Will he be kept in the dark forever? :c

    1. I don't know, I haven't planned him in at all to be honest =D Maybe when Celestine is older (I played up until her childhood already)?
      He does have a girlfriend and two other daughters though, and they are slightly older than Celestine... So maybe it would be best for him and his family to keep it a secret lol

  4. a bit late of a response buT POKEMON NAMES

    im sorry

    1. Haha, np :D I wanted their names to match nicely and that was the first theme that came to my mind

  5. I'm concerned about if Feli will really like being a mother. Even through her pregnancy she was just mostly thinking about herself.

    What's up with the ghosts? D: