Saturday, April 22, 2017

이.사 - A short lesson in Korean

Before we get into the game, let's have a look at... korean numbers.
More precisely, the numbers 2 and 4 in the sino-korean number system (note that there are two different number systems in Korean - the following are only the sino-korean ones):

2 - 이 (pronounced "ee" like in... "eel")
4 - 사 (pronounced "saa" as in "sarcasm")

If you put these two numbers together, you get 이사 ("ee-saa") which means moving (residence)! That's why you will often see that korean moving companies have phone numbers ending on "2424" or names including the numbers 2-4.

So why on earth am I telling you all this?! 

Because this is chapter 2.4 and we are moving! 이사해요!

Well, at least part of the household is moving, the cats were split 5:5 among Lena and Feli. Here's an overview to avoid confusion...

Staying in the old house:
  • Lena
  • Valla & Bharu
  • Ava
  • the D kittens Dick & Dünn
Moving into new house:
  • Feli
  • Baby Celestine
  • Amy & Katerchen
  • the E kittens Eevee, Espeon & Entei
Alright, enough of the talk, now let's get back into the game finally!


The taxi to bring them to their new house arrives and Amy immediately grabs the front seat.

Of course, she's the leader of the pack after all! That means Feli and her baby have to take the backseat, but that's fine with her. Her cats are probably the only people Feli can never get mad at.

The taxi brings them to the highest area in Appaloosa Plains where all the rich and famous live - and Feli. She managed to find a house in her price range (about §15 000 unfurnished) right next to all the big and impressive residences.

Amy and Katerchen, who were living in the same house ever since before Feli was even born, are excited. 
I hope the floor will be scratchable carpet!, Katerchen signs to Amy.

Amy wants to take a look inside because Feli is taking all the time in the world to open the door, but unfortunately the window is a little bit too high and doesn't really have a good windowsill to sit on.

The first thing Feli put into the new unfurnished house is the crib she brought with her. She puts Celestine in the crib to have her hands free for the work to come, while every step of hers echoes in the empty room... room... oom... 

And there comes the van with all the furniture. With the help of her cats (not really) and her own muscle strength that she built in many fights with people who annoyed her, Feli has the baby room and the kitchen fully furnished by the end of the day.

Just bringing the suitcase with some personal belongings home and she's done for the day! 

"Hey Celestine... Hope you like your new room, it's the biggest in the house! Yep, that's right, I took the smaller one. I'm such a selfless good mother!"
Baby Celestine is too young to care for room decoration, but she did notice that someone sneakily put her beloved teddy back in her crib while she was sleeping.
"And most importantly, you don't have to share your room with dozens of scary ghosts anymore! Yay! Honestly I don't know why I let your grandma do this..."

Meanwhile the cats are inspecting their new home as well. There's a big cat tree towering right next to the food preparation counters in the kitchen, which also gives a good view over the humans' dining area. Amy approves. Good house.

You can also see the food bowls from the highest point of the cat tree, which is great and makes guarding them much easier and more comfortable.

The food bowls are big enough for a young kitten to drown themselves in food. Amazing!

After feeding the cats Feli can finally go to bed. What an exhausting day.
She doesn't sleep well that night, most likely because her bedroom is still unfinished and doesn't really feel nice and homely yet.

And it's not a very long or relaxing night either. A few hours later Celestine wakes up, crying. Feli runs to see what her baby needs, but she can already smell it before she sees it. Ugh!

Good thing she bought a brandnew changing and bathing station! A warm bubble bath and a fresh blanket to be swaddled in, and Celestine is cozy and content again.

Feli has never cared for a baby before so she doesn't know, but Celestine is an unusually easy to care for and happy, healthy baby. This leaves Feli wondering why everyone else told her all these horrible stories about how hard it is to be a single mom of a newborn. 
Well, maybe it's hard for others, but clearly Feli is just much better at being a mom than the average woman!

First breakfast in the new house. The big room right at the entrance serves as a dining room, living room, and a kitchen all in one.

Who would have thought that Feli manages five cats, including three young kittens, a newborn human, and moving places so well? She got some time off work to fully concentrate on her new role as a mother but it's still very impressive how she handles all that, considering that she never showed a whole lot of responsibility before. 

Life in the new Koyangi house is surprisingly free of drama, and not a single person was slapped this chapter. Feli adores her little baby, the cats are happy even though they had to leave a few friends behind and everything is going very smoothly in general.

And while Feli is busy taking Celestine out for a walk on this sunny day, I will use the uninterrupted time to show you through the rest of the house that wasn't shown yet.

These are screenshots from later stages in the game because there wasn't enough money left to finish the entire house right away, but I wanted to show them now.

Living room next to dining area/kitchen.

Feli's music room. The piano and cat perch above the stereo in this room are the only CC objects used in the house.

From above...

This is Feli's room. Unfortunately it is a bit empty and not quite finished yet due to lack of money, but at least she has two big mirrors to admire herself.

Hope you like it! 


1. I will miss Valla and Bharu and Ava :(

2. This is the first time I play with the baby changing station from the store! I just bought it with the free simpoints I never knew I had (or why)

3. I very rarely build houses completely from scratch because I'm way too lazy and not really a builder. So I'm a little bit proud that I did it this time! :-)


  1. How many languages do you know? Korean in particular seems difficult. Thanks for the lesson, but I'm so bad with languages it probably won't stick. XD

    I didn't know cats actually sat on the seats of the car! That's so cute!! The house looks really nice, by the way, especially Celestine's room! I love it. I've never used the baby changing station even though I have it. I'll need to check it out.

    Of course Feli thinks she's the best. XD I wanna tell her it'll get harder, but it really doesn't in the sims.

    1. I speak German (native), English (surprise!), and have some basic knowledge in Korean and Polish!
      Yes, that's super cute! Unfortunately cats can't call a taxi on their own and there's only seating for 3 (+ baby), so every cat above that limit has to walk... haha :(
      Thank you! ♥ I'm happy about every little bit of additional interaction I can get for babies and toddlers...

  2. The house looks superb! I hate building too >< but you pulled it off!

    I'm proud of Feli for taking all the change so well. She's a bit over-dramatic and immature so I was concerned, but she also has a carefree attitude that makes her surprisingly well-adjusted lol. Perhaps she should be a little more concerned... :p

    1. Thank you! =D Took some time too, I think my legacy household will live there for 1-2 more generations after Feli, I don't want to have to build something new too soon again hehe

  3. The house is lovely. I like the stone walls.

    Glad to see that everyone took well to the move, even the cats.