Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2.1 - Triple Déjà-vu

Feli ends school with average grades, mainly thanks to a network of friends she could copy her homework from. 

Freedom awaits! After so many years of struggling in school, Feli wants to take a few weeks or months off before she will apply for jobs, focusing for now on what she loves: her cats, her music, and her friends.


It is spring, flowers are being pollinated, animals come out to to mate, Valla and Bharu expect a new litter, sims celebrate Love Day, and Feli... is single.

At her last christmas party not long ago she tried to get closer to her friend Lutz, but he had rejected her. But really, how can anyone reject someone as attractive, smart and popular as Feli?!
Feli comes to the conclusion that her friend must have simply been too shy around all the party guests, so she should try to talk to him in private again. Surely he won't be able to resist her charm if it's only the two of them!

The next evening Feli goes for a surprise visit at her friend's house.
"Hey, I'm sorry about the thing at my christmas party... I figured you were a little shy. and I completely understand that it can be intimidating when a woman as attractive and confident as me approaches you in front of all your friends -"

Feli notices Lutz lifting his eyebrow sceptically and realizes she should get to the point quickly.
"Anyway, the reason I'm here is that I want to make this up to you and invite you to celebrate Love Day with me at the festival grounds! You will see I'm a great dancer and... -"

"Man, Feli! I TOLD you already I have a girlfriend!

"But... I don't understand, how can you... - ... I look so much better than this girl..."


Since Lutz is obviously unable to see Feli's greatness, Feli has to look out for other options. How about Dereck, her other childhood friend? Years ago they had an argument when they went out for dinner because Feli made fun of Dereck's weight but eventually they got over it and managed to reconcile.

And so they meet up at the festival grounds to spend this lovely spring day together.
And by "together" I mean that Dereck quickly excuses himself to buy some soda and ice cream for himself without being judged by Feli, while hormonal Feli gets a 25 cent smooch at the kissing booth.

Frankly, it is not the greatest outing ever. They both get some equally cute and silly face paintings for giggles but when it started raining they decided to leave the festival and go out for dinner instead.

Their weird face paintings earn them some funny looks, but Feli is way too confident to care about that.

But wait, isn't that the same dinner place where... Oh no, Feli, don't you mess this up again!

But Feli doesn't mess this up. Dereck does.
"Hey", he points at her "Remember last time we were here, when you made fun of my appearance? Looks like this time it's my turn to make fun of you, hahah!"

Clearly Dereck wants to pay back for the incident a few years ago. 
He now bursts into a fit of laughter, still pointing at her. "You look like a 6-year-old has dressed and styled you! The people here must think you're some special kind of crazy... and they wouldn't even be wrong, hahaha!"

To nobody's surprise, this comment earns Dereck a Feli slap.

Feli does what Feli does while a familiar looking pregnant woman appears in the background. 

Dereck is quickly forgotten as Feli runs towards Elea, the oldest Shepherd sibling.

"Elea! What a surprise to see you here! I...", Feli looks at Elea's round baby belly, "I can't believe it! You must be almost due!"
Elea smiles. "Yes, we expect it around March 13th. But what have you been up to, I heard you're still good friends with Taziano? And what's with that make up, have you been to the festival?"

The girls continue their chit-chat for a while and of course Feli can't resist trash-talking Dereck. And Lutz. And anyone else who disagrees with her.

"I must say I'm a little jealous, Elea. Being a mother must be a wonderful feeling, I can't wait to have a child too!"

"I know, it is very exciting!", Elea responds while Feli can't take her eyes off that round belly. "But take your time, Feli. You're the same age as Blanca, aren't you? Speaking of her, have you two met recently? I remember you were best friends in middle school!"


Elea is pregnant. Valla is pregnant. And Feli, the one who arguably has the most desirable genetics you could imagine, the one who has both astounding looks and personality, can't find a partner? That can't be right.

"I want a child too!", Feli pouts at her mirror image. 
"Just imagine someone as attractive as me but as small and cute as a cat! A miniature Feli! I would be the perfect mother! I'd raise her to become a star and..."

"... but I need to find a father for my future child first."
Feli is frustrated. And the best way to deal with frustration is to invite your friend over for a gaming session.
Finally Feli has a chance to blow off steam and have someone to talk to about Lutz, Dereck, and the pregnancy of Taziano's big sister.

"So, what about you? Do you want to have children too, now that Elea is pregnant?", Feli asks with no secret intentions.
"Eh. I'm not really into children to be honest. I want to be free without the responsibility of raising a little human. Besides, I'm too young anyway, even if I wanted to have children it wouldn't be a good time now!"

There is a long silence between the two of them. Feli is silent because she has to think hard, and Taziano is concentrated on smashing the buttons on his controller.
After a while Feli looks sheepishly at her friend. 
"Would you like to go to the Love Festival with me, Taziano? I mean, just to have fun..."

Something about this scene seems oddly familiar... but only Katerchen remembers.


The reactions from Lutz and Dereck were not planned/initiated by me, that's just Feli getting into arguments with absolutely everyone. That Diva trait is more dominant than I expected... Taziano went invisible (just like Kenji last generation *sigh*), so that's why he's wearing formal wear in the last screenshots, his everyday outfit was corrupt and caused the bug.
Oh and the ridiculous face painting wasn't planned either, my sims just to whatever they want, arrrgh!


  1. Feli, noooo. Did you learn nothing from your mother?
    See, Katerchen gets it. Shame he can't talk.

    I'll totally have to play with Diva sometime. All this ridiculous drama and slapping everyone just looks entertaining lmao.

    1. It is entertaining but it can be a bit annoying too sometimes if you don't pay attention, Feli actually has a bad relationship with her mother now (they were best friends when she was a child without Diva trait) because I left them unattended too often =D

    2. omg. Feli why ;_;

      Still, I'll probably use it anyway. I have ideas :O

  2. Feli is so great and wonderful and beautiful that of course Taziano will go out with her! I'm just surprised Lutz and Dereck were too dumb and blind to see how perfect she is! :D Taziano is the cutest of those three choices, anyway. BTW, I'm *assuming* that Koyangi women have a thing for men that turn invisible

    Dialogue is hard, btw, so don't feel uncomfortable writing it! It turned out good. :)

    I hate when sims change into weird outfits, so I use MasterController to fix outfits. XD But I think I'm also a little crazy about making sure everyone is wearing clothes I like.

    1. I know, right! And yeah, invisible men are irresistible. Oddly enough, it happened both times when they started having romantic interactions.

      Thank you :-)

      MasterController can do this? I, uh... I totally knew that. Thanks for the tip haha =D Will use it next time a guy will turn invisible.

  3. I love how full of herself Feli is. xD

    Yes, Feli is mean, but Dereck really held onto that, didn't he?

    Third times the charm, right?

    You can use mastercontroller--advanced options--edit in CAS. That's how I change townies outfits. Just don't click on totally annihilate. xD

    1. Hah, everyone loves a girl with confidence, right?

      That's actually super helpful, in case any of my townies decides to wear some freakish everyday outfit (or no hair, baldness seems to be super trendy among my townies). Will definitely make use of this!

  4. About the invisible sims thing, sometimes Debug Enabler also works. There's an option like "fix invisible sims" which usually does the trick.

    Taziano is a handsome sim... but maybe Feli's diva behavior will be too much for him to handle!