Saturday, June 17, 2017

2.10 - You've got to be kitten me!

"Smile for the camera, Amy! Ferb, stop that! A little bit more to the right, Entei?"

Feli is taking pictures of all the ten cats living in the household at the moment. She came to the conclusion that 10 is just too much after repeatedly not being able to enter the bathroom because there's always a cat standing in the way.

The decision was hard - it really was! - but Feli will make the following changes to the household:

Amy & Katerchen are of course out of the discussion and will stay.
Entei goes in retirement after two beautiful litters and will be adopted out together with her son Fineas and her sister Espeon.
Ferb is staying with the family.
The G cats Greece, Georgia, and German will be adopted out. Ghana stays and will be the next breeding cat.

This means the Koyangi Kitty Counter drops from 10 to 4!

Ghana has become Feli's new favourite since she has grown.
Not only has she beautiful markings, some of which she has inherited from her grandmother Valla, Ghana also has an affinity for music just like Feli!

Everytime Feli is sitting at the piano, Ghana will soon come in, listen, and then join in with loud ear-wrecking cat vocals that only Feli could love.

The musicality! The emotion! Feli is moved to tears by Ghana's performance.

"We should create a band consisting of me, you, and maybe even your future offspring! How abut 'Feli and the Felines'? What do you think? Are you ready to become a famous singer? With our combined talents we'll be stars in no time!"

She holds Ghana proudly into the air, "I can't wait for your litter, Ghana! You'll make adorable kittens! Not too many this time though, please..."

Celestine calls for dinner . She made that organic salad Feli likes so much and took the pancakes that were left from breakfast out of the fridge for herself. Can't waste perfectly good food after all!

"Mom, I'd like to go out with a friend tonight... if that's okay?"

"That's great, have fun! You don't need to ask me for permission, sweetie, you're almost grown up. Just don't drink too much. I'll be gone too by the way, have a gig at Mick's again."

"Oh, and have I told you Ghana is pregnant?", Feli points happily at her favourite cat

"Haven't we just decided that we had too many cats... and that's why we gave half of them away?"

"Well, the family line had to continue somehow, anyway! Please promise me that you keep on breeding and caring for our cats when you're grown up. Because I won't be around to do so..."

"What do you mean by that?", Celestine asks.

"Look, I wanted to become a famous musician for so long. But being a mom is a full-time job! Well, at least it was when you were younger. But now that you are almost an adult - my god, time really flies! - I can finally pursue my dream.
What I'm saying is that Feli and the Felines will move to Bridgeport to aspire fame when you're 18!"


Celestine didn't mention that 'going out tonight' meant meeting with Madame Sari again. Over the past few years they have developed an odd friendship, and Celestine stops by the old lady every now and then to ask for advice or just talk about things she can't talk about with others.

"Once again I have to thank you for your advice, Madame Sari. I was wondering... may I take you out for a drink or something?"

"I am not 16 anymore, my child.", she smiles in response.

"You are never too old to have fun! I just thought it must be a little depressing sitting here and watching the graveyard all day. You were a good friend to me and I want to treat you."

"You are a very kind person, Celestine, caring for an old and lonely woman like me... Now that I think about it, there is a place I'd like to visit again. I'ts a beautiful, elegant lounge I've been too when I was younger..."

It is indeed a very fancy establishment, making Celestine wonder if Sari had once been wealthy enough to afford going out here regularly. It sure seems a bit too luxurious for a woman living in a wagon on the graveyard hill.

But Celestine is fine with spending a little bit more tonight because Sari looks happier than she ever saw her, and that is all Celestine really wanted.

"Do you want me to teach you how to play chess?", Sari challenges her, "I was a very good chess player in my youth, but unfortunately I rarely have anyone to play against these days."

The odd friends take a seat at a free chess table where Sari explains the basic rules of chess to Celestine.

"Madame Sari? There's something I've been wanting to ask you for a very long time...Would you teach me your ways?", Celestine asks while trying to figure out her next move.

"But that's what I'm doing now, Celestine! You'll be a chess master in no time, believe me!"

"That's not what I meant", Celestine interrupts and then lowers her voice "Astrology. Horoscopes. Readings. Madame Sari, you have helped me a lot during the past years, and it would be the greatest honor to learn from you."


Meanwhile at Mick's karaoke bar: Feli meets someone she hoped not to see again.

It's Dereck, and he immediately goes in for a big hug when Feli comes closer.

Oh, not a hug? Okay then...

Whaaat. Dereck must have prepared for that moment - somehow he managed to overthrow Feli this time! The humiliation...

And while all the humans are out having a (more or less) good time, Ghana gives birth to a single male kitten in the middle of the night: Hanzo. It is the very first one-kitten-litter in the game.


For the first time in my legacy a cat that has been adopted out to another household (Dick) has had kittens of their own! This hasn't happened before because I keep pumping out so many kittens that StoryProgression apparently thought "Nah, let's not add any more to that" but now it happened! They are named (by the game, not by me) Flecki, Grace, Mura, and Kaila and are all girls.


  1. Wow that first picture--it must have been like herding cats to get that! XD

    Good for Feli for pursuing her dream of her cat band. XD I'm sure it'll be a hit! Hopefully she won't make too many enemies in Bridgeport.

    So Celestine's gonna be a psychic?? I've never played that job! I'm kinda jealous. And her name suits it quite well.

    1. Well, Feli's lifetime wish (that she has already fulfilled of course) IS cat herder after all! That picture wouldn't have been possible without the help of moveObjects though.

      Feli is very excited about it - and so am I. To be honest, the annoying Diva idle animations and the constant autnomous slapping were really getting on my nerves after playing with it so long, not to mention that I wasn't a huge fan of any of her rolls. So that's the true reason why Feli will move out as soon as Celestine takes over :P

  2. Adopting out cats makes room for more! Celestine should know this by now.

    Feli moving out is a bit sudden, I wasn't expecting her to say that! But Celestine is very responsible so I'm sure she'll be fine. I wonder how she feels about it.

    I like how you showed Celestine and Sari's relationship. It is a bit strange, but I'm glad that Celestine can learn from her. I guess she will find out if the magic is real or just theatrics.

    1. Correct! :-)

      Sorry if it came out of nowhere, it was actually planned by me all along; I didn't want her to continue living in the legacy household and Celestine couldn't be the one to move out because the Living Green roll doesn't allow me to buy furniture in her generation so I prepared everything for her in the old house.

  3. I like the way Celestine has her own plans, and doesn't bother to bring her parents up to speed about them lol So realistic!