Monday, June 12, 2017

2.9 - Celes-teen and the old lady

Celestine is still busy with her research on all things ghosts as well as druids in ancient celtic culture - since that's what that ominous ghost labelled 'Sorinoma' in the storage room is supposed to be - but it is hard to find reliable information on either of these topics. 

Many people still think ghosts are just fiction, because they rarely show themselves to living humans and there have only been very few dedicated ghost hunters in the past, her grandmother being one of them.

And finding out more about this one ghost in particular seems to be downright impossible: almost everything that is know about celtic Druids is second-hand knowledge and all historical sources that mention them were written by non-druids.

"None of this makes any sense", Celestine sighs, "I need... a direct source. I need to speak to a real ghost. Grandma could do it, so I can do too."

She puts her notes away and prepares dinner for Feli, who is about to come home from work any moment.

Cooking has become one of her big passions in life. She hopes that one time she will be able to prepare all meals for her family with self-grown produce only.

As expected, Feli shows up right when dinner's ready.
"That's some damn good salad! You should become a star chef or something... And then, when you're famous, you should tell everyone who raised you so well!"

"Thanks mom, I'm glad you like it. You said something about going to a party tonight, didn't you? When will you be back?"

"Oh yeah, right. I'm going out with my old friend Blanca. I don't have to work tomorrow so we'll probably party until late into the night when you'll already be asleep! Why do you ask?"

"Oh, hm. Nothing. Just curious."

This means Celestine should easily be able to sneak out tonight and visit the local graveyard. Maybe if she can get a real ghost to talk to her, some of her questions will finally be answered.

Tonight is full moon, the perfect night to put her plan into action. Supernatural activity - including the appearance of ghosts - is supposed to be higher during full moon, and it'll also be a little bit less dark and scary outside..

Celestine spends some time just standing around, not really sure what to do. Does she just wait for something to happen? It could take hours! 

But Celestine is determined, she will stay patient and focus- hey, look, a deer!

Celestine carefully walks towards it. It is hopping around the gypsy wagon on the little hill by the graveyard and it looks so beautiful!

She comes a little closer. What an amazing experience, she never saw a wild deer letting someone come so close! She is so focused on the animal that she doesn't even hear the door of the gypsy wagon opening.

"GET OFF MY LAWN", the voice of an old woman shrieks, "Trying to steal something while I'm asleep, huh?! There's nothing worth stealing here anyway, now shoo! Shoo!"

Startled, Celestine runs all the way back home across the graveyard, completely forgetting what she came to do in the first place.

The next morning.
Celestine is sitting in the living room with Katerchen on her lap, who is enjoying some good chin scritches.

"Can you believe that? I wanted to talk to a ghost on a graveyard at night but I was freaked out by an old woman! I'm not getting anywhere like this. You know what, Katerchen, I'm going back today and apologize to the lady for disturbing her last night."

And that's what Celestine does. When she approaches the wagon she already sees the old woman in front of it.

She explains what happened last night and apologizes sincerely.
Luckily the lady doesn't seem to be angered anymore, so Celestine feels encouraged to ask more. "Do you live here? So you are, like, a real fortune teller? A medium?"
The lady points to her wagon, "Come in, and I will show you, if you like."

Celestine was taught to never come with strangers, but this old fragile woman looks about as dangerous as a bunny and is probably very lonely. Besides, if she is indeed a medium, she might be exactly what Celestine needs!

"Please, take seat...", the woman mutters. "What is your name, my child?"
"Celestine, hmm? I believe you came to the right place then", she smiles kindly, "Celestine means heavenly, did you know that? What questions do you have for the stars today?"

And so Celestine talks about her discovery before Snowflake Day; the strange force that seemed to draw her into that room; her grandma, who she never got to know, being a ghosthunter; and how all of this doesn't get out of her head anymore.

And the fortune teller does seem to know a lot about her. Either she's very good at guessing, or she is truly a medium. 

Her eyes glow mysteriously, giving the illusion that she does indeed have supernatural powers. 
What Celestine doesn't know yet, is that it is the light in the wagon that makes the lady's eyes glow like this, and that this is only one of the many tricks she uses to convince her customers that what they experience here is truly magical.

Celestine, now thoroughly impressed, tries to sum up what the old lady has told her: "So... what you're saying is that this ghost my grandma has captured and my mom has stored at home could be a long forgotten ancestor of mine, and might have... blessed or cursed me as a child or is watching over me? And that's why I feel connected to it and drawn in by its presence?"
"Blessing or curse, it all depends on what you'll make out of it", the lady nods.

"Hmhm. I need to think about this. Can I visit you again sometime?", Celestine asks.
"Anytime you wish, Celestine."
"What is your name?"
"Just call me Sari."
"Okay. Thank you for listening to me, Madame Sari."

Before she leaves Celestine hands the fortune teller a 10§ note. She didn't ask for money but Celestine figured that she deserved it and probably needed the money more than she did anyway, living all alone in that little wagon by the graveyard.

Back home Celestine rewinds the conversation in her head time and time again. Could any of that be true? At one point Madame Sari had said something about Celestine's "strong connection to nature and all of its creatures" which is definitely true, since there's nothing that Celestine loves more than gardening, animals, and nature in general. Is that proof enough that this woman can truly see things?

Celestine has a lot to think about. 


  1. Homemade?? Or Eco friendly?? I'm calling that as one of Celestine's rolls.

    I love the shot of the gypsy wagon and the deer! It's so pretty.

    What an interesting chapter! So is Sari just a con artist then? Or is there truth to what she's saying?

    1. You might be on to something there... ;-) There'll be two more chapters before I start generation 3 and reveal her rolls and traits!

      Ha, I like it too tbh! Was very lucky to see the deer there, gave me an actual reason for Celestine to approach the gypsy wagon.

      Hmm... who knows, heh.

  2. Celestine is so sweet going back just to apologize. And she got a reading out of it, nice. I also wonder if Sari is just a con artist or has real power. Maybe she does have supernatural abilities but also uses tricks to make it look more magical?

    I think she should try again at the graveyard. It's probably her best chance of getting a ghost to talk to her.