Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2.11 - No time to be upset

Celestine is sad. Not 'bawling her eyes out'-sad but more of a disappointed 'I have been lied to all the time'-sadness with a healthy dose of 'How could I've been so naive?'

Only now, many years after their first encounter, has she started to realize that this entire fortune telling thing is nothing but a farce. Madame Sari - or whatever her real name is - might be good at guessing but there's nothing extraordinary about her and nothing real about her methods. 

So she had correctly guessed that Celestine loved nature and gardening? The dirt under her fingernails and the smell of earth and plants had given it away. She knew about the cats before Celestine mentioned it? Of course, because her clothes are always covered in a thick layer of cat hair. That one time she predicted that Celestine would have a perfect score in that school project she was so nervous about? A self-fulfilling prophecy at best.

And now she just disappeared. Now that Celestine wanted to confront her, the gypsy wagon is suddenly empty. So typical. Probably found a new place to fool people for money.

The next week.

Sari is dead. Celestine read the death notice in the local newspaper. She didn't disappear because she moved elsewhere, she died. And even though Celestine had been so angry at her just a few days ago, she can't hold back the tears now that she knows that she will never see Sari again.

Who cares if she lied?
Who cares how she earned her money?
So what if her readings and horoscopes and all that jazz was just made up on the spot, she had still been a good friend! Always listening patiently, giving advice when Celestine needed it....
And now she does feel 'bawling her eyes out'-sad after all.
She breaks out in tears in front of the grave, catching the attention of a boy her age passing by.

"Hey! Hey, you! Is everything okay?"

"I wouldn't be here if it was", Celestine cries.

"Well, I'm here too and I feel fine", the guy smirks and then turns serious again,  "You lost someone recently?"

Celestine nods and sobs.

"My friend passed away..."

"That's terrible, people dying so young", he says, assuming that the friend in question must have been around the same age as Celestine, "I'm so sorry for your loss."

"Why are you here?", Celestine asks in an attempt to change the subject.

"My dad is busy today and asked me to take care of grandpa's grave."

There's a short silence before Celestine start sobbing again.
"Look, I don't mean to be intrusive, but I can't leave you here all alone crying like this, can I? Maybe we can go somewhere for a coffee or ice cream if you like to distract your mind a little..." 
Celestine hesitates for a moment. 
"My name is Mauricio, by the way. Mauricio Charme. No, that's not a dumb pick-up line, that's really my last name..."

And lucky for Celestine he holds what his last name promises, and helps her get through a hard time in her young life.

From here on things progress fast... 

Celestine has never had many friends in school. Not because people don't like her, but because she rarely found people who share her interests. 

But this guy Mauricio is different. 

He enjoys being in nature just as much as Celestine does. He loves all kinds of animals and the two of them will often go out into the wilderness to watch animals in their natural habitat.

He loves fishing; a great addition to Celestine's passion for cooking with home-grown produce.

But most of all he loves spending time with Celestine. 

He is the first love for Celestine. And at least for the time being it keeps her mind away from ghosts, dead fortune tellers, and the responsibilites of almost-adulthood...

Their prom picture is on the night stand.
"What a pretty photo! You never told me you have a boyfriend!", Feli's voice calls from Celestine's bedroom, "Does he treat you right? I sure hope he is, or else..."

But one day the thoughts about Madame Sari creep up on her again and she decides to visit the old gypsy wagon that she has seen so often during the past years. Maybe she can find a little personal something to take with her as a reminder - it's not like anyone else cares about the belongings of a lonely old woman who lived at the graveyard.

The cards never lie. Celestine sighs. She felt like she had been lied to.

It all doesn't matter now. 

Only a few minutes pass by and Celestine sees through the dirtcovered window of the wagon that a woman is approaching. Could that be a relative? What does she want here?

"Um, EXCUSE ME?", the woman shrieks with an unpleasant voice through the open door, "IS THIS MADAME SARI'S FORTUNE TELLINGS? HELLOOO?"

Celestine steps towards her. Somehow she immediately knows it: this isn't a relative of her odd friend. This is a client. And a very stereotypical one on top of that.

"Huh? Are you Madame Sari? I imagined you older.", she says upon seeing Celestine.

"Discovering the fountain of youth isn't hard for an experienced medium like me", Celestine plays along.

The woman doesn't seem all too convinced but continues anyway. "Mhhh... I don't have an appointment but you don't seem to have any customers anyway... You have time for me, yes?"

"Of course I do, I expected your coming. Please, take seat over there."

A few months later...

Little Hanzo, the newest addition to the household, grows and Feli adores him. "You are truly the sweetest kitty I can imagine... and that's why I can't take you with me."

She grabs the veryverygoodboye and holds him towards her face. "You will continue the legacy, yes? You will grow up and find a beautiful mate and make a lot of kittens, promise?"
Hanzo squeals in response.

Feli will take the two vocalists Ferb and Ghana with her, meaning that the only cats left in the household are Amy, Katerchen, and little Hanzo.

Only 3 cats. GASP!

And with Celestine all grown up Feli moves to Bridgeport to pursue her dream. 
"So when will Mario move in?", she asks.

"Mauricio.", Celestine corrects her mom, "He will move in as soon as he comes back from his archaeological expedition."

"Hm, what a shame he's not here yet, I would have liked to say goodbye to him too. Tell Martinius he better treat you like a princess or I'll come back and kick his butt!"

"Mauricio. Don't worry mom, he's a good man."

"Okay, enough with the talk, I gotta catch my plane! Don't forgot to send me photos of Hanzo and his future litters, please!"

"Yes, mom. I'll miss you."

Good luck with your dream and goodbye, Felicia!


And here we go, this was the last generation 2 chapter! The next one will be a (p)review thing with outtakes again like I did with gen 1.

That means it's time to guess Celestine's traits and rolls because I will reveal them in the next chapter (except for marital status and # of children)!


  1. So I'm guessing:

    Marital roll: couple
    Primary occupation: Fortune teller (con artist)
    Secondary occupation: Adventurer

    Traits... loves the outdoors, supernatural fan, brooding....hmmm...loner? good? Not too sure there. As for the rest, I honestly have no idea.

    Also, is little Hanzo maybe possibly (hopefully) a reference to "Kubo and the Two Strings"?

    1. You got a lot right there with your guesses!

      Never heard of that, sorry :( Hanzo is a reference to the Overwatch character. I needed a male name with H and this was the first that came to mind :-D

  2. So Madame Sari was a con artist. I kinda figured, but I still feel bad for Celestine. I lvoe how you explain the ways Sari "knew" stuff. And it's a great way to explain why/how Celestine becomes a con artist. I'm so excited to see that roll in action. I *may* have rolled that for a future generation...

    Ooh, Mauricio seems sweet. And I love how self aware he is of his silly name. And I like Celestine's hair now that she's grown up!

    I was going to make the same guesses as Marcy, but she beat me to the bunch. As for

    1. Thank you, I love this roll! I'll definitely make a bigger deal out of it then I did with Feli's rolls, I've been wanting to write about a fortune teller for so long!
      A future generation? Bjorn (or a sibling of his)? Or did you roll for future generations in advance?

      I am *not* responsible for his name, it was generated by the game =D

      Shh, # of children will stay a secret for now!

    2. I rolled a few generations in advance, and sadly Bjorn's is not the gen that will have a fortune teller. Sorry for the spoilers!

      Well Mauricio's name is awesome. XD

  3. Sari was faking it. Celestine must feel like her trust was betrayed. I like how you showed her conflicting emotions when she found out Sari died.

    Mauricio seems really nice and they have a lot in common. I can only hope for Celestine that you rolled couple for her.

    Bye, Felicia! (sorry, it just felt necessary)

    I'm hoping for a couple roll. Other than that, I think Celestine has loves the outdoors, and animal lover?

  4. Man I have that roll upcoming too, should be interesting seeing it in several stories (mine isn't the next gen either)! I don't think I'll be able to take it very seriously.
    And yeah no more FelislapTM !! Ik miss some if them cute kitties but I love hoe the founder kitties ate there forever. They're like the humans' watchers.

  5. Man I have that roll upcoming too, should be interesting seeing it in several stories (mine isn't the next gen either)! I don't think I'll be able to take it very seriously.
    And yeah no more FelislapTM !! Ik miss some if them cute kitties but I love hoe the founder kitties ate there forever. They're like the humans' watchers.