Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3.0 - Generation 2 review and future plans

Finally, generation 3! Oh, how I have waited for this. Even though Feli was funny in her own way, there are a few things about the Diva trait that get annoying eventually, and overall her roll (single parent, 1 child, music (classical), social bunny, fighter) was just not that enjoyable. This is also part of the reason why the generation was shorter than I planned (my goal was 12-15 chapters if you remember).

And that's why I focused more on Celestine growing up throughout this generation. Here's a little timeline of Celestine over the years (or weeks for a sim...):

And the gen. 3 rolls, as far as I can reveal them already, are...

Primary income: Fortune Teller (con artist)

Secondary income: Adventurer
Generational goal: Living green
Misc. Fun: My Precious - Our only wish, to catch a fish (collecting bugs and other minor animals)

I bought the nerd influence LTR until I could give her a 6th trait because I couldn't decide on only 5. Her lifetime wish is Zoologist (bring 20 wild minor animals home). Have you guessed any of her traits?

Lifetime wish: Zoologist

Internet cookies to Owly and Marcy who got quite a lot of it right with their guesses!


Mauricio who was briefly shown in the last chapter is Celestine's chosen one.
He is fat, hairy, has a big nose and a unibrow, and a giant garden gnome tattooed on his back. I did give him a makeover but decided to keep his general aesthetics or lack thereof (nah, that was mean... he's not looking bad despite these flaws).

His traits are pretty much perfect though - I only swapped one of his traits for adventurer when I had the 20.000 LTR points for him (sorry, can't remember anymore what that trait originally was), the rest was generated by the game and couldn't be more fitting!

Is it weird to have both the angler and animal lover trait? For me as a veggie it is, but I don't think Mauricio sees a conflict in that. Celestine isn't vegetarian either, even though she is very eco-friendly - her principle is to only eat what you caught yourself and only catch what you need.

Here's a fun fact: His name Mauricio means "the dark skinned" even though he is probably the whitest/palest guy you could imagine... Also my game loves to give spanish/italian names apparently. Remember Taziano and Blanca?

Face close-ups. Celestine is so pretty!
I will add them to the download page when the next chapter comes. I also plan to overhaul the rolls page, because somehow I always mess up the formatting when I try to update it.

Random Screenshots and Outtakes

Nothing funny here, I just love this screenshot and forgot to include it
Oh no, Amy, what happened?? :(
Celestine in the exact moment of peeing herself out of fear (monsters under her bed)
Reaction to getting her fortune told. Nope, not convinced this time
Freezer Bunny gnome riding a llama
Celestine stuffing a bunch of carrots in her face after prom because they don't serve food there

And some more background stories...

Remember the crazy librarian from when Celestine was a child?

Yeah, this one. She turned out to be a bit of a stalker, randomly showing up at the door...

... and even on Celestine's date.

Excuse me???

The following are technically not gen.2 outtakes anymore, but it happened pretty soon after gen.3 started so I'd say it counts. Mauricio got an opportunity to upgrade someone's stereo for money and I sent him outside to do so.
I think the pictures tell the story quite well.

Well, f*ck, I'm on fire.

Mauricio has to run back inside to get under the shower while a radnom neighbour warms his hands at the fire.

Thank goodness, the firefighter arrived! And he walks casually into the fire, taking his time to observe the situation...

Mauricio has to come back again and put the fire out by himself because the firefighter just stands inside the fire looking like the devil himself and watching. Then he leaves, telling us that he's glad we could put it out ourselves. A+ firefighting

What to expect in generation 3

  • finally no "single parent + 1 child" roll =D
  • most definitely more/longer chapters
  • some epic beards
  • some epic birds
  • fewer cats and less frequent litters because of a bigger household
  • Warcraft/HotS references that probably no one will recognize :(


  1. Ayy, generation three already! Time flies by....
    RNG was pretty good to you for Mauricio's traits, then. I had the same luck with Zachary's partner - the only thing I had to do was change the clothes because the rest was literally perfect for my storytelling and rolls.

    And the firefighter, oh my god. Nice to see that the Appaloosa Plains(?) fire department is just as bad as Sunset Valley's.

    1. Time flies because I made it fly! I will try to take my time with this generation though and slow down.
      And yeah, I really hope this guy got...


      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      ... fired.

  2. I love how Celestine looks all grown up. She has such pretty eyes. *__*

    Aww, I kinda like fat hairy Mauricio, especially since he has a gnome tattoo. Adventurer should be fun to play, too!

    I think animal lover and angler doesn't necessarily conflict. I'm a vegetarian so being an angler weirds me out, but meat eaters don't always see all animals the same way (I think pigs are cute and they're as smart as dogs, which we don't eat because we have decided they're one of the good animals. I point that out every time my husband gets upset about the thought of eating something he thinks is cute, like cavies/guinea pigs).

    I'm sorry I probably won't get your Warcraft/HoTS references. I tried to get into WoW, I really did, but I don't think fantasy is for me (ignore that I write about faeries and stuff).

    1. The tattoo is magnificent, you'll love it. He always shows it off to all neighbours when he's gardening topless.

      Right, I'm on the same side! But the way I imagine both of their characters they're more like "we only kill it (by ourselves) if we eat it/need it" and not principally against eating animals; that's why I decided against the veggie trait for Celestine, even though I considered it earlier.

      No reason to be sorry, I'd be surprised if anyone got it; the Sims and WoW playerbases don't overlap that much. LOL ok, imma ignore that =D

  3. Celestine is so pretty!

    I'm glad you can finally play a roll that more suits you! (and looks like it will be a couple, right?)

    Was that guy really warming his hands? How rude!!! And that firefighter...smh.

    1. Hey, I just nominated you for a challenge called memory lane. It's pretty fun!

    2. Ahh thank you! =D I will look into it although I'm not sure if I find enough stuff in only 2 generations so far.

      I'm glad too! I've been on a short hiatus as you probably noticed but now I'm all ready to get back into the game and play with rolls that I actually like!

  4. Oh wow, it looks like gen 3 is going to a blast. Love the little picture collage about gen 2, btw. And Celestine is absolutely gorgeous. <3 I wouldn't exactly say the same about Mauricio though. That nose...XD

    Love the outtakes. LOL at the neighbour warming his hands at the blazing stereo!

    PS: I'm also a WoW fan (but I haven't played for some time), so I might recognise some of your references. ;) Loved the one about Tyrande in your Liebster post.

    1. Aw haha, poor Mauricio =D I will definitely have fun with it, didn't really any rolls I liked in my first 2 generations so I'm looking forward to playing this one.

      Yeah! *highfives* I haven't played in over a year either, I keep wanting to re-activate my account but real life is a bit busy and WoW consumes so much of your time.

  5. The kitties gif at the end is very endearing

    The rolls look so interesting (also I haven't read your gen 1 yet but fighter and all that sounds fun but that seems like it was a lot to keep track of during gameplay)

    1. The main reason why I didn't like gen 1 and 2 that much was that I rolled single parent and 1 child both times... which is just the opposite of my preferred playstyle: big, overstuffed households! Fighter sounded fun first but I would have preferred it in another generation on another character.
      This generation's rolls are totally awesome though!